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he was told by his troopes

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Q: How did Harald know where Harold was?
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Harald Hardraada or Harold Hardraada?

Harald Hardraada - Viking Harold Godwinson - Englishman

Who were the vikings in 1066 Harold harada or Harold godwinson?

harald hadraada

Who killed Harald Hardrada?

Harald Hadrada was killed by Harold Godwinson (also known as Harold II) When an arrow pierced through his throat.

Who was Harald Hadrada?

Harald Hadrada was someone who wanted to be king, but there was 3 people who wanted to be king (this was after edward the confessor died)they were William duke of normundy, harOld godwinson and HarAld Hadrada. there was a battle at stamford bridge between harOld and HarAld. HarAld lost the battle

Who were Harold Godwinson's brothers?

harald hardaada and Harold godwinson aren't brothers!!

How are Harald Hardrada and Harold Godwinson connected in life?

They are connected because Harold Godwinson was supported by Harald Hardrada. So I wouldn't actually say that they were related.

Is Harold godwinson norwegian?

Harold Godwinson is not Norwegian. He was a full Englishman. Harald was the Norwegian.

Was Harold Hadrada English?

*Harald Hadrada No, he was Norweigen.

What is the full name of Harold hadrada?

Harald Sigurdsson

Reasons for Harold hardrada never to be king of England?

harald hadrada was killed by Harold godwinson

Who died first Harold hadrada or Harold godwinson?

Harald Hadrada at the Battle of Stanford Bridge :)

What is the birth name of Harold Dyrenforth?

Harold Dyrenforth's birth name is Harald Oskar Dyhrenfurth.

Why did William become king in 1066?

Harold Godwinson went to Harald Hardrada then killed Harald and his troops. Then William invaded and Harold Godwinson died with a arrow n his eye

Who was harald hardarada?

Harald Hardrada was the King of Norway. He was also the nephew of England's previous king. His family originated form Scandinavia He was the one who fought Harold Godwineson for the position of Englan's King. Unfortunately neither of them won, because Harold defeated Harald and William defeated Harold. love Sweta

Where did Harold Godwinsen defeat Harald Hardrada?

stanford bridge

When did Harold become king?

harald became king in 1066

Did Harold Godwinson make a promise to Harald Hadraada?


Why Harold Godwinson was better than Harold Hardragar and William of Normandy?

I've been doing a project on In my essay, I put Harold was a better candidate than Harald Hadraada, mainly because Harold Godwinson had the advantage of being English. Harold Godwinson was also a better candidate than Harald Hadraada because he was known by Edward, and he was a good politician. However, Harald Hadraada was a better candidate than Harold Godwinson because Harald Hadraada was a better fighter than Harold Godwinson. Also, Harald Hadraada had experienced royalty before.Harold Godwinson was a better candidate than William of Normandy, mainly because Harold Godwinson the advantage of being English. Harold Godwinson was also a better candidate than William because Harold Godwinson was a good politician. However, you could say that William was a better candidate than Harold Godwinson because William was related by blood to Edward, and Harold was only related by marriage.

What was the consequences of the stamford bridge?

at stamford bridge Harold and Harald hardrada fought together then Harold won that fight

Who were William's enemies in the Battle of Hastings?

Harold Godwinson and Harald hardraada

Who was fighting who in The battle of Stanford bridge?

Harald Hadrada and Harold Godwinson

Who did Harald Haraada fight before Harold Godwinson?

Not sure :/ PA

Who whanted to be king in 1066?

William of Normandy, Harold godwin and Harald- and i mean harald with an a- hadrada all wanted to be king in 1066

Who was king Harold Godwin's brother?

Harold Godwinesons brother was Tostig who helped Harald Hardrrada in the battle of stamford bridge

Where did Harold fight a battle with Harold hardraada?

Harold fought a battle against his brother Tostig and Harald Hardrada at Stamford Bridge east of the City of York.