How did Idaho get its name and nickname?

Idaho got its nickname from the mean of what Idaho means.and Idaho mean Gem of the mountains.soo that's howw!!

2nd answer:

Idaho, back to the early settlers, miners, trappers, and traders was known to be rich in gemstones, including just about all the gems known. The 6-star garnet found in north Idaho is only found in Idaho and the Himalayas.

Hence, the Gem State. There are also rich supplies of silver, gold, zinc, and other metals.

Early on, it was thought that Idaho came from the Shoshone Indian term, "Ee-dah-how", which, although a greeting, also can roughly be translated as, "Gem of the Mountains". Hence the "Gem" state. This was later disproved, and the name Idaho may, indeed, have been invented by an early territorial person. On the other hand, before that person would have invented the name Idaho, it appeared in Colorado, on a steamboat in the State of Washington, and in other places. So, we do not know for sure where the name Idaho originated.

Most likely Idaho is a gross mis-pronunciation of an Indian phrase, possibly from the Comanche, the plains Apache, or the Shoshone.