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Jesus Christ died on a Roman Cross, by crucifixion.

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Q: How did Jesus die for real?
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Is Jesus real and did he die on the cross?

According to Roman records, yes.

Is jesus real in your life?

Is Jesus Real in Your Life?Many people ask the question, "is Jesus real." But, the correct question should be is Jesus is real in your life. Why? Because when we read about Jesus teachings in the Bible, the teachings are about life and death. Jesus taught how we should live our lives while we are still alive on this earth. He also taugh us where we'll spend the eternity when we die. Is Jesus is real in your life? If not, then make Jesus real in your life.To make Jesus real in your life, all you have to do is ask Jesus to come into your life. First, say this prayer aloud, "dear Jesus Christ. I believe you're the Son of God. Please come into my life and forgive me all of my sins. Jesus, I want to live with you forever. Thank you Jesus." If you prayer this prayer, please find the Bible and start reading it by yourself.

Is Jesus still real?

Yes, Jesus is still real.

How can you tell if you are Jesus?

We can tell we are not Jesus as we are sinners we die but Jesus and god does not die.

Was Jesus Satan or real?

Yes, Our Lord Jesus Is Real, & unfortunately, so is Satan.

Was Jesu a imaginary caracter?

No Jesus was real Jesus was born 2000 years ago so he is real

Are Jesus and zeus the same age?

No, Jesus was a real person. Zeus is from an ancient Roman myth. He is not real.

When was This Jesus Must Die created?

This Jesus Must Die was created in 1971.

What are the different teachings taught by Jesus?

Jesus isnt real.

Is hipster Jesus real?


Why didn't Jesus die alone?

Jesus did not die alone because there was two other criminals Beside him so that's why Jesus dint die alone

Did the Jesus die for the devil?

No, Jesus didnt die for the Devil - he died for his people, us.