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Karl Marx had developed advanced ideas about Economics and the economy that had influenced other developers.

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What major economic system is Karl Marx associated with?

Karl Marx was founder of modern socialism and communism.

Examples show Karl Marx's concept of economic determinism?

Capitalism, modern democracies and the modern legal system.

How did shake spearer influence Karl marx?

how did shakespear influence karl marx

What has the author J Ron Stanfield written?

J. Ron Stanfield has written: 'Economic thought and social change' -- subject(s): Economics, Social change 'The economic thought of Karl Polanyi' -- subject(s): Economists

Who was the founder of Communism?

Karl Marx founded modern communism. Karl Marx wrote a book called the Communist manifesto. But Communism is thought to go back to Roman times.

Who exactly was Karl Theodor Jaspers?

Karl Theodor Jaspers, who died in 1969, was a German psychiatrist and philosopher. He is known as a powerful influence behind the modern ideas of theology, philosophy, and psychiatry.

What did Karl Marx argue?


What has the author Karl Vak written?

Karl Vak has written: 'Strukturen der Zukunft' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Economic policy

What is the new economic and social system by Karl max?

communism did you mean karl marx

What has the author Karl Wilker written?

Karl Wilker has written: 'Karl May, ein Volkserzieher?' -- subject(s): Influence

Which German writer had a great influence on Lenin?

Karl Marx had a great influence on Lenin.

Who theorized the economic system of socialism?

Karl Marx

What has the author Karl Fulda written?

Karl Fulda has written: 'William Shakespeare' -- subject(s): Influence

Who influenced Lenin's political beliefs?

The immediate influence was his brother; the ultimate influence was Karl Marx.

According to the article, why did Karl Marx think the economic system of the world would change?


Who thought that Utopian socialism was impractical?

Karl Marx

Who is the father of modern biotechnology?

Karl ereky

Who believed that history was guided by economic events?

Karl Marx

Who was responsible for the development of the Communist economic theory's?

Karl Marx

Which economic model did Karl Marx fully support?


What has the author Karl Joseph Eugen Birnbaum written?

Karl Joseph Eugen Birnbaum has written: 'Ueber die Wirthschaftssysteme' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Agriculture

What has the author Albert Alexander written?

Albert Alexander has written: 'The economic world of 1787 and the Constitution' -- subject(s): Constitutional history, Economic conditions, History 'Karl Marx' 'Aplicacion Del Iso9000 Y Como Emplementarlo' 'The modern economy in action' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Economics

Who is known as the father of modern communism?

Karl Marx is known as the father of modern communism

Who wrote the economic system that was dominant from 1800 to 1850?

Karl Marx

What economic system did Karl Marx and Adam smith support?