How did Louisiana get its name?

Under French control from 1682-1763 and 1803-04, the area was named in honor of Louis XIV of France, by French explorer René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle. La Salle had left Fort Crevecoeur with eighteen Native Americans and canoed down the Mississippi River in 1682. He named the entire area of the Mississippi basin "La Louisiane."
Louisiana was named in honor of King Louis XIV
It comes from the name given to the area by Rene-Robert Cavelier. Sieur de La Salle of La Lousisiane which mean Land of Louis in honor of Louis XIV the King of France.
Named after the French King Louis
French man Iberville named the areas around the mouth of the MS river (which is louisiana) Louisiana because he was exploring this land for king Louis the 14th. The name lousiana come from the words of "land of louis"That is how it came along after Iberville found fort Marapaw with his brother, 18 year of Bieinville who later found present day settlement you may know as new orleans.