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How did MacArthur contribute to the Korean War?


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General MacArthur was Commander in Chief of UN Forces in the Korean War. He is thought to be responsible for the continued existence of South Korea.

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MacArthur was removed from his command in the Korean war because he disagreed with President Truman on how the war should be conducted.

No, General MacArthur fought in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War. In 1951, President Harry Truman discharged MacArthur for disrespecting him (Truman) and other superiors in charge of the Korean conflict.

Harry Truman removed MacArthur from his Korean command in April 11, 1951.

Korean front This dude says Korean front when MacArthur was fighting in the pacific against Japan... MacArthur did play a part in Korea but that was during the Korean War not World War 2. So the Japanese front

General MacArthur did not approve the way President Truman was running the Korean war.

Douglas MacArthur commanded troops in the Korean War and opposed President Truman's Korean war strategy.

MacArthur was the general of the Pacific Theatre of World War II and in Korea during the Korean War.

Harry Truman was angered when MacArthur demanded an unconditional surrender from North Korea during the Korean War. Harry Truman fired MacArthur after a congressman received a letter from MacArthur stating this idea. MacArthur knew that this would be a way to prolong the war in Korea.

World War II and the Korean War in which he was sacked.

Taking on the Chinese after they invaded North Korean at Christmas during the Korean War.

MacArthur was willing to invade Red China if it entered the war; and use atomic weapons to defeat them. Truman relieved MacArthur of command.

World War 1, World War 2, and Korean War.

mcarthur was the u.s. war general that president Truman requested

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