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How did Napoleon influence the Latin American revolution?

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Did the latin American Revolution influence another revolution?

no there was not a very important revolution that came ofter the latin american revolution

How did the french and American revolution influence the Latin revolution?

They influenceed it by starting alot of problem with them

What were the effects of the latin-American Revolution?

The effects of the latin-american revolution is latin american is f##ked by american

When did the latin American Revolution end?

The Latin American Revolution ended in 1826.

How did Napoleon Bonaparte influence the Latin American independence movement?

He put his brother on the throne and they could have independents and not be loyal to there king.....

Who was the leader of the Latin American Revolution?

Simon Bolivar was the leader of the Latin American Revolution.

Napoleon Bonaparte's Latin revolution?

The slave revolt in Haiti.

What is the greatest influence of latin-American dance?

what is the greatest influence of latin american dance

What are the similarities and differences between the Latin American and French Revolution?

The Latin American Revolution was similar to the French Revolution because, as a revolution, the people realized that they were being mistreated and were fighting for what they believed in, as well as equality or more representation. Other similarities include violence and a Napoleonic influence. Differences include that the Latin American Revolution was a revolt against a king by his overseas colonies, while the French Revolution was a revolt of the lower class against the upper class and the King. The Latin American Revolution also was a revolution for freedom and independence (similar to the American Revolution), while the French Revolution was being fought to overthrow the king. Another difference was that after the Latin American Revolution, the church gained power, while after the French Revolution, the church lost power.

What things encouraged the Latin American revolutionaries?

The revolutionaries in Latin America were encouraged by the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

What role did the French Revolution and American Revolution play in Latin American independence movements?

None, really. The American Revolution (1775-1783) and the French Revolution (1787-1799) were events barely noticeable, as they happened to European powers England and France; as most of Latin America was within the sphere of influence of Spain and Portugal, these territories weren't affected by such conflicts.

What was the difference between the American Revolution and the latin American Revolution?

The American Revolution was America's fight for independence against the British.

How did Father Miguel Hidalgo influence the Latin American Revolution?

He started the revolt that eventually became the Mexican war of independence against Spain.

What inspired Latin American revolutionaries?

The Enlightenment The American Revolution

How did African music influence Latin American music?

African music is characterized by drums and other percussion instruments, which are heavily used in Latin American music. Latin American music also has Spanish influence.

How many battles were fought in the Latin American Revolution?

Many battles were fought in the Latin American Revolution. In fact, 234,101,009 battles were fought until victory...

Where was the Latin American Revolution fought?

It was mainly in South America/Latin America.

How did American and french revolution influence Latin American independence?

The American and French revolution influenced Latin American independence by showing them that it is possible to gain independence. Also the American and French revolutions showed nationalism because both countries were fighting for the best of their country. So nationalism eventually influenced Latin American leaders to stand up for their country. An example of a leader is Simon bolivar who was fighting for Latin American independence against Spain and eventually got it.

Latin American Revolutions?

There were many revolutions in Latin America. These include the Mexican Revolution, the Brazilian Revolution, as well as Cacerolazo in Argentina.

What was the most important effect of Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power in 1799 on latin american history?

"Napoleon conquest of Europe caused such upheaval that many Latin American Nations got a taste of self rule and wanted freedom"

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