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Tsar Peter changed Russia by modernizing it. He built the great city of St. Petersburg (a modern and splendid city, but one created from a wasteland at an extremely heavy human cost) and adopted many European customs. Some may say he "Europeanized" the nation, causing sweeping changes across all levels of society and customs.

  • Introduced potatoes, which became a staple of Russian diet
  • Started Russia's first newspaper and edited the first issue himself
  • Raised woman's status by having them attend social gatherings
  • Ordered the nobles to give up their traditional clothes for Western fashions - They were also required to shave off their beards.
  • Advanced education by opening a school of navigation and introducing schools for the arts and sciences
  • Reorganized and reformed the Russian armed forces and created a modern navy modeled on European practices
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Q: How did Peter the Great change Russia?
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What did Peter the Great do to change Russia?

He wanted to westernize it

What year did Peter the Great change the capital of Russia?

In 1713.

How was Russia different from western Europe and how did peter the great want to change Russia?


What was the term given to Peter the great on how he wanted to change Russia?

Peter was a czar of Russia in the late 17th century who tried to modernize Russia's government and technology. His title was Peter 1 and he was also the first emperor of Russia. He took the honorific of "Great."

Is peter the great Alexander the great?

No. Peter the Great was from Russia.

How did peter the great solved each problem he encountered in his efforts to westernize Russia?

how did peter the great change the Russian orthodox church

Where was Peter the Great from?

He was from Russia.

What was true of Peter the Great's reforms in Russia?

Peter the Great's reforms in Russia helped to strengthen the army.

What was true of peter the great's Reformation Russia?

Peter the Great's reforms in Russia helped to strengthen the army.

What the true of peter the great's reform in russia?

Peter the Great's reforms in Russia helped to strengthen the army.

Who was peter the great and what did he do for russia?

he was a man who was very great and his name was Peter.

How did Peter the great and Catherine the Great change Russia?

Peter the Great started the process of westernizing Russia. He built St. Petersburg as his new capital. Catherine the Great brought in more European culture. She also began rebuilding the palace in Moscow.

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