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What is the value of a painting of Jesus Christ by Gab Max in 1874?

There doesn't seem to be a consensus with prices on eBay ranging from $9 to $95,000. Some people are convinced prints of this painting are worth around $15,000 but Wilcoxhallappraisers had this to say: "this picture is also known as "St. Veronica's Handkerchief". The original was painted by Gabriel ( Full Answer )

Did Leonardo da Vinci paint 'Jesus among the Doctors'?

i believe he did... take a look at Jesus. his wrist has a hole in it. only da vinci believed that the wrist could hold Jesus on the cross, not his hands.. \n. \nAnswer 2:\nThere is no such painting by Leonardo. Also the scene 'Jesus among the doctors' is when Jesus was 12. No crucifixion yet!

If Jesus is Middle Eastern why in paintings does he look very pale white?

they are americanized paintings. Answer . There were countless paintings of Jesus long before the US came into existence. You are looking at the features and coloring of the people who did the paintings, wherever and whenever they were made.. See related question; . ( Full Answer )

Who is the first artist who painted Jesus Christ?

There is no definite way to answer this question. There have been many interpretations of Christ throughout the history of art. Some even have theorized that the first images of Christ were based on previous images of Zeus as there are some similarities. This may also have been reasons to introduce ( Full Answer )

Who painted the first pictures of Jesus' crucifixion?

Answer . The early Christians focussed on the risen Christ; it was not until sometime in the Middle Ages (around 800AD) that the first images of the crucified Christ were done. These were mostly the work of monks, but there is no record as to who was the first person to make illustrations of the c ( Full Answer )

Who painted the conventional Jesus?

i was told that jesus was a figment of the indian's imagination and none believed in him/her (jesus) and after mary, joseph, and jesus were crusified and passed on indian's came and helped invent the conventional jesus.

What was Holman Hunt's meaning of the painting of Jesus Standing at the door knocking?

In Revelation 3:14-22, the message from Christ is to the Pastor of the Church at Laodicea, which was lackadaisical ("lukewarm"), in which he says in verse 20: "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he wi ( Full Answer )

Who first painted the picture of Jesus?

No one can be sure. That name goes all the way back to B.C. times and even before that. Probably Jesus himself. OR the artists of that time. Pens and crayons did not exist so no one will ever know.

When did holman hunt paint the picture of Jesus knocking at the door?

'The Light of the World' was painted during 1853-54 at night in a makeshift hut at Worcester Park Farm in Surrey. Towards the end of his life Hunt painted a life-size version in 1900 which was hung in St Paul's Cathedral, London. The original painting now resides in a side room off the large chapel ( Full Answer )

Is del piero Muslim?

No Alessandro del Piero is not a muslim. he is a Italian and a catholic.

What is alessandro del piero famous for?

Alessandro Del Piero is an Italian international footballer who plays for Juventus. He has represented his country in numerous major tournaments.

What is a piero boat?

It is a small flat bottom boat used for navigating the swamps; however, the spelling is pirogue.

Why did Leonardo paint Jesus always?

He also painted other subjects. What you should bear in mind is that during the Renaissance (15th and 16th centuries) and earlier artists always painted on commission. This means that they painted what they were paid to do. They did not paint what they liked, in case nobody would buy it.

Who is ser piero?

ser Piero was part of Leonardo da Vinci's full name, Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, meaning, Leonardo son of ser Piero from Vinci. The title "ser" shows that his father was a gentleman.

Who is piero infante?

Piero Amadeo Infante (Born in 1968) is Cuban-American Rock, Latin,and soul Vocalist, actor, producer, and writer from OaklandCalifornia, and a four time recipient of the California Musicaward. His Bands, Freaky Executives, Los Angelitos, Los Mocosos, andPapamalo, have all won Regional and Statewide ( Full Answer )

How can you find more information about piero?

Piero sports graphics system is a 3D software that has earned many awards. One could find more information about this system through sites like Red Bee Media and BBC.

When was Piero Costantini born?

Piero Costantini was born on April 29, 1977, in Cividale del Friuli, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy.

What has the author Piero Ottone written?

Piero Ottone has written: 'De Gasperi' 'Il grande gioco' -- subject(s): Biography, Conduct of life, Journalists, Philosophy 'Il buon giornale' -- subject(s): Authorship, Journalism, Management, Newspaper publishing, Reporters and reporting, Social aspects, Social aspects of Journalism 'Le re ( Full Answer )

What has the author Piero Fortuna written?

Piero Fortuna has written: 'Il tragico Don' -- subject(s): Campaigns, History, Italy, Italy. Esercito. 8. armata, 1942-1943, Regimental histories, World War, 1939-1945

What has the author Piero Pajardi written?

Piero Pajardi has written: 'Chiedo giustizia' -- subject(s): Justice, Philosophy, Law 'L' impugnazione del lodo arbitrale nella giurisprudenza' -- subject(s): Cases, Arbitration and award, Appellate procedure 'Gerolamo Savonarola' -- subject(s): Sociological jurisprudence, Law reform, Trials, ( Full Answer )

What has the author Piero Monni written?

Piero Monni has written: 'Puebla '78' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Catholic Church. Consejo Episcopal Latinoamericano, Church history, Conferencia General del Episcopado Latinoamericano (3rd : 1979 : Puebla, Mexico), Congresses

What has the author Piero Scazzoso written?

Piero Scazzoso has written: 'Reminiscenze della polis platonica nel cenobio di S. Basilio' -- subject(s): History, Monastic and religious life

What has the author Piero Santini written?

Piero Santini has written: 'L' auctoritas linguistica di Orazio nel commento di Servio a Virgilio' -- subject(s): Influence, Knowledge, Language, Language and languages, Latin language, Style 'Terminologia retorica e critica del Dialogus de oratoribus' 'The forward impulse' -- subject(s): Hors ( Full Answer )

What has the author Piero Delbello written?

Piero Delbello has written: 'Strumenti tradizionali dell'agricoltura nelle campagne dell'Istria' -- subject(s): Traditional farming, Farm equipment, Agricultural implements, Equipment and supplies 'Esodo' -- subject(s): Pictorial works, Refugees, World War, 1939-1945, Territorial questions 'Le ( Full Answer )