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Q: How did Pip manage to save the life of magwitch?
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How have pips feelings for magwitch changed in the book Great Expectations?

Pip's feelings about Magwitch/Provis change dramatically throughout the book, mirroring his personal growth. He begins by being terrified by the prisoner Magwitch, then grateful that Magwitch doesn't name him as the food thief. On Magwitch's return from the Antipodes, when he's using the alias of Provis, Pip is embarrassed and alarmed at his presence, and appalled, confused, and even angry at the discovery that Magwitch/Provis is his benefactor. With time, however, and continued contact with Magwitch, Pip comes to see what sacrifices were made for his benefit, how dearly Magwitch loves him, and that Magwitch's only concern is that Pip be a gentleman. By the end of the book, Pip risks his own life to help Magwitch escape, and mourns sincerely as they wait in prison for the fever to overtake Magwitch.

In the book Great Expectiations how does Startop get involved in the plan to save Magwitch?

Herbert suggests to Pip that they ask him for help. When Pip approves, Startop is "on the team".

When does pip meet abel magwitch in Great Expectations?

The first chapter, when Pip was visiting his family's graves in the churchyard. From then on Pip referred to Magwitch as "the convict", until his name was revealed. Magwitch met Pip shortly after he escaped from a prison ship.

Which steamer would pip and magwitch catch?

Pip and Magwitch would catch either the steamer to Hamburg or the steamer to Rotterdam.

Who is Pip's benefactor in Great Expectations?

The benefactor is the convict he see`s at the start of the book :)

Why is one of Magwitch's principal conditions that Pip always bear the name of Pip in order to receive financial support?

Pip is the only name that Magwitch knew him by.

What effect did the knowledge that Magwitch was making a gentleman of Pip have on Magwitch?

it kept him motivated

What is Magwitch's relationship to Estella in Great Expectations?

Magwitch is Estella's biological father, her mother is Jagger's assistant, her name is MollyMagwitch (or Provis, Mr. Campbell, the convict, the shackled man): Magwitch and Pip first meet when Pip is a boy and Magwitch an escaped convict. Magwitch does not forget Pip's kindness in the marshes, and later in life devotes himself to earning money that he anonymously donates to Pip. Eventually, Magwitch comes to London to see his 'gentleman,' and after Pip's shock and shame wear off, the two become friends. Ever a convict, however, Magwitch is captured by the police. Just before he is sentenced to hang, he dies. Estella: Estella is Miss Havisham's adopted daughter and her project in cultivated cruelty. Raised by the old woman to be cruel and hard to men, Estella, a great beauty, entrances Pip. She is mean to Pip for most of his life, although at the novel's end they meet again, and she seems to be a softened, changed woman.Estella is another child of mysterious parentage, and Pip eventually learns that she's Magwitch's daughter.

What information do they need from magwitch before formalizing there plan?

pip wants to know about his life/background

Who did Pip tell the watchman that Magwitch was?

his uncle

What did Pip conclude?

he had no claim to magwitch's wealth

What does Pip buy for magwitch?

new clothes