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How did Sonic the Hedgehog get his running shoes?


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April 29, 2012 2:20AM

This is how it happened. Sonic was your normal hedgehog brown with loads of spines on him like any hedgehog. But one day he took part in an experiment that was conducted Robotnik before he was evil (DR Ovi Kintobr I kid you not) he and sonic were good friends. One day DR Ovi wanted to test sonics speed and put him on a experimental treadmill, sonic reached the point at which he broke the sound barrier. After which sonic went from brown to blue (Dr Ovi explained that this was the cobalt effect.) then Dr Ovi created some frictionless shoes that could withstand sonics super sonic speed.

Hope that's been some help to you.

IMPROVEMENT TIME!!!: Just telling you it's Ivo, not Ovi