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The name Thailand was changed in 1939 and it was more commonly known as the name of Siam it was changed to Thailand because Thailand stands for free land or free the land and is very meaningful to the people of Thailand

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What is a common name for Thailand?


When did they first name Thailand Thailand?

Siam was the original name of Thailand until there year June 23, 1939 when it was changed to Thailand. It was renamed Siam again from 1945-1949 after which it was again renamed Thailand.

When did siam change its name to Thailand?

Its name got changed from Siam to Thailand in 1939

What is the origin of the name of Thailand?

Thailand is the English name for the Kingdom of Thailand. In Thai, the official language of the kingdom, the name of the country is Prathet Thai, meaning 'Land of the Free'.

What is another name for Thailand?

The Kingdom of Thailand is the official, modern name for Thailand. It was formerly known as Siam until the king changed it in 1939.

What was the previous name of Thailand?

Thailand used to be called Siam.

What is the Irish word for Thailand?

The Irish name for "Thailand" is "an Téalainn".

What was the old name for Thailand?

Thailand was originally named Siam.

What is ramana instrument of Thailand?

its intrument in thailand and its name is ramana

What is the name of an Asian country beginning with TH?


Why did Thailand change it's name?

Siam changed its name to Thailand because they want to modernise the country's name.

What is kyra's name in thailnd?

Well because i come from Thailand i found out that the name kyra is Dakota in Thailand whoever likes Dakota Fanning your lucky because you have the same name but in Thailand.

What did Thailand used to be called?

Siam.the old name for Thailand was Siam

What is name of Santa Claus in Thailand?

In Thailand, Santa is called ซานตาคลอส.

What is the name of country manager of Ecolab Thailand?

What is the Buisiness address for Ecolab Thailand

What was Thailand originally called?

The historic name of Thailand was the Kingdom of SIAM.

Thailand was once known by what former name?

Thailand was formerly known as Siam.

Do Thailand and Indonesia use the same form of money?

The name of the currency in Thailand is the Baht. The name of the money in Indonesia is the Rupiah.

What is the name of the peninsula in southeast Asia consisting of Myanmar Thailand laos and Malaysia?


What is ruilla pais?

it's a name of long boat in thailand

Former name of thailand?


What was the new name of siam?


What was once the name of Thailand?


When was Thailand name changed?

in 1892

What is new name of Siam?


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