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They fought for it.

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Q: How did US control Panama Canal?
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The US gave control of the Panama Canal to Panama in?

in 1999

Why did the Panamanians want the return of the panama Canal Zone?

The Panama Canal is located in the country of Panama. The US took control of the canal zone and built the canal. The Panamanians want control of the canal so that they can realize the revenue.

How the US gain control of the Panama canal?

We built it

How did the panama canal benefit the US during World war 1 and 2?

The Panama Canal was in US control till 1999

What led most to the US taking control of the panama canal?

the thing that led us take control of panama was the leader

What is the Panama canal treaty between the US and Panama?

President Carter signed a treaty with Panama in 1977 giving control of the Panama Canal back to Panama in 1999

When did Panama take control of the Panama Canal?

Panama took control of the Panama Canal on 31 December 1999.

Who controlled panama canal before the US?

No one did. The US built the panama canal (construction was finished in 1914), and the US maintained control of it until dec 31, 1999 when the canal came into full Panamanian control.

What year did the US return the control of the Panama Canal?


Who currently owns the Panama Canal?

Panama owns the Panama Canal. Although the US had control over the Canal Zone from 1903 to 1979, the treaty was eventually amended in 1977.

Who should control Panama Canal and why?

The Us should have the control of the Panama Canal because of variuos reasons. One of them is that the US constructed the Canal. It is their right to keep it. Now the president that said to give it to Panama is very stsupid because it is important to have that passage for commerce!

How did Panama gain control over Panama Canal?

panama gained control over panama canal by negotiating and then later war.

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