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The answere is that the Victorians use a skipping rope exactly how we use it. But in those days the skipping rope was made of rough wool and wooden handles.

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Q: How did Victorians play with skipping ropes?
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What do poor Victorians do in there spare time?

they would play hopskotch and skipping but poor children sometimes got sent to the workhouse

What were the skipping ropes like in Tudor times?

They were really cool!

What did victorian girls play with?

If they were lucky enough they had board games, skipping ropes, doll''s houses, stuffed toys, all sorts of things,

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What toys did the poor Victorians have?

Dolls and house and wooden toys :D!

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Who invented skipping ropes?

as early as the colonial times..i'm sure even before that

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What are some indoor games that Victorians play?

the indoor games that Victorians play are smacking butts, Marco Polo, who will die first.

Did rich Victorians play with basketball?

Yes they did play basketball