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By killing people and using fear which forced him into killing the Normans to show how brave he was and was not scared to do anything.

He also used the feudal system, the Domesday book and motte and bailey castles

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Q: How did William Duke of Normandy gain control?
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What was the name of the King in the Bayeux Tapestry?

William of Normandy was battling against Harold Godwinson in the Battle of Hastings to gain control of England.

How did the feudal system begin?

William the conqueror (also known as William, Duke of Normandy or William I) first made the feudal system because he wanted to gain power and control over England. Also, he gave lands to people for homeage and the knights worked for him. Also, they had to pay tax for their lands so that way, William could pay the Knights.

Did William duke of Normandy gain control by using terror against people and Domesday devise?

he did he ordered his soldiers to attack and kill the people of England and to gather up the crops and burn then so there was famine in the land he also attacked the people who were in Harold's army in case they conspired to kill him

How did the domesday survey help William of Normandy gain control of engalnd?

Because it was a sort of inventory, that detailed all that someone owned, so the king knew exactly who was wealthy or not

Why did William of Normandy need to gain control of England?

He didn't, but he was a close friend and relative of the former king Edward the Confessor, making him have a strong claim to the English throne, so he took his chances and made a jump to secure it.

How did King William gain social control of England?

King William is also known as William the Conqueror. He took control of the country in 1066 and ruled until 1087.

How did William gain control of England in 1066?

he done lots of stuff

What was the goal of the Normandy landings on d-day?

It was to gain control of the beaches and land to about 8 miles in. Only the Canadians managed it on the 6th.

How did William gain control of England on 1066?

By surprising the British by invading and then killing the king

How did William the Conqueror control England?

He used the Feudal system gain control of England it was also his army who helped him fight (knights), he gave land to some of his dukes 47% were given to Normandy 8% to the English 20% to himself and 25% to the church and they also had something called the feudal system this was to do with tax and protection for the country.

Why does William the Conqueror think he should gain the throne upon Edward the confessor's death?

Before he invaded England William was the Duke of Normandy and a vassal of the King of France. It is far better to be a king of a rich country than a duke of part of someone else's kingdom. When he won the Battle of Hastings he was the master of his own country, his new country. He had to spend time putting down a few rebellions, but once that was over he could play the role of king and have people give him the money he wanted.

How did Williams sheriffs help him control England?

They helped William gain control by helping do jobs around the country of like collecting taxes.

How do you gain control in a dictatorship?

you can gain control in a dictatorship by becoming president

What was the purpose for the Normandy invasion?

to gain a foothold in Europe in order to defeat the Germans

How did William the Conqueror gain control over England?

He invaded England, won the Battle of Hastings, and was declared king. His henchmen then spread out over the land and took over control.

When did the feudal system start?

The Feudal System was created by William the Conqueror. He did it to gain control over Britian. It was not created in Rome. People think these strange things but it was William that created the system.

How did William the Conqueror gain control of England by using the feudal system?

he gave land to his barons, dukes, earls and knights. they had to give the taxes the william and thats how the feudal system worked.

How did Cortes gain control of Tenochtitlan?

he gain control because tenochtitlan thought he was a god

Who were robin hoods enemies?

Robin Hood's enemies were the French forces faced by numerous English invasion forces in attempt to gain control of the historically disputed area currently known as Normandy, France.

How did Britain gain control of china?

did not gain cntrool

What year did Hilter gain control of Germany?

Hitler gain part control of Germany in 1933 but got full control in 1934.

How did William Penn gain power over Pennsylvania?

William Penn did not "gain power over Pennsylvania". He founded it and governed it.

How did askia Muhammad gain control of songhai?

Askia Muhammad gain his power and respect to get control of songbai

Did assyria defeat the Persians to gain control of Greece?

1. Assyria did not gain control of Greece. 2. Persia gained control of Assyria.

How did William gain control of England?

the feudal system ! William gave the land that he took from the peasants and gave it to the people of high authority. The people of high authority still had to work for William. Then those people, who work for the peasant, gave the peasant's the land.