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Q: How did William deal with the people in dover?
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How did William the Conqueror solve problems in Dover?

William went straight to Dover and killed the soldiers in the castle he then left his own soldiers there in replacement

Who worked in dover casle?

people worked in dover castle !

King William's March to London in 1066?

William marched to London, passing through important towns like Dover and Canterbury on the way. There was a castle of English soldiers at Dover which he needed to defeat.

Why was Dover named Dover?

Dover is believed to have been named after a Kentish town in England called Dover, which was known for its white cliffs. The name "Dover" may have been chosen for the American town because it also had white cliffs along its coastline.

Why did William duke of Normandy burn castle at dover?

He burnt it down but then rescued the people who surrendered and paid them for the damages to show he was a cruel but fair king

When was William MacHarg born?

William MacHarg was born on September 18, 1872, in Dover Plains, New York, USA.

When was William Stuart Ross born?

William Stuart Ross was born on July 16, 1989, in Dover, New Hampshire, USA.

What do you call people from Dover?


What year did Dover become the capital of Delaware?

Dover was founded in 1683 by William Penn, in 1717 it was laid out over an area of 125 acres by the Delaware General Assembly. The capital of the State of Delaware was moved to Dover in 1777 from New Castle.

How many people fit at the Dover Nascar track?

The seating capacity at Dover International Speedway is 140,000.

How many people lived in dover before the war?

Dover is a town in Kent County in South East England. Around 1800, the town of Dover had a population of about 10,000 people , and this was before the war, and as of 2001, there were 28,156.

What is the big deal about William and Kate marrying?

OMG! I know right it's so annoying but I guess it's a big deal to the people in england.