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How did YouTube get started?

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the creators of YouTube (Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim) wanted somewhere to post there videos, so they created YouTube in Chad's Garage and started funding it with Chad's credit card on February 14th 2005 and launched it the next day

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When was YouTube made?

YouTube was started 14 February 2005.

When did kian lawley start youtube?

He started youtube on December 3, 2010

Who started YouTube?

Three former PayPal employees created YouTube in February 2005.

When did cimorelli start there YouTube viedios?

Cimorelli started posting covers on Youtube in 2009.

When did its funneh start her youtube career?

Itsfunneh started her youtube career on September 1, 2011

When is the date youtube Started?

February 2005

What is animonster on YouTube?

A serie that raywilliamjohnson has started

When was the time Justin Bieber started to be a singer?

he started posting videos on youtube when he was 12.

How did noobdaddy get started on youtube?

he likes to scream in videos

When youtube started in Pakistan?

29 dec 2012

When did Connor Franta start youtube?

he started in 2010

What did Austin mahone get discovered on?

Youtube. He started off making Youtube videos with his bestfriend, Alex Constancio.

When did YouTube start?

actually it started in 2005 during February

When did Justin begin to perform?

He started off on Youtube! :D

How old was Ryan higa when he started YouTube videos?


How did justin bieber get on the YouTube website?

The same way everybody does. He made a YouTube account, and started posting videos of him singing.

In what year did Justin Bieber started posting videos of him on YouTube?

he started posting video's about 2 years ago.

When did PewDiePie start his YouTube channel?

PewDiePie started his YouTube career in 2010 when he left college to pursue his YouTuber dream. Now, he is one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube.

When did Cody Simpson start putting videos on youtube?

He started when he was 6

How did Austin mahone get famous?

he started posting a lot of videos of him on youtube

How did YouTube start?

well to be honest (its kindof a wierd and funny story) i heard a guy in highschool was bored and started youtube...and i have a theorymaybe youtube and google where 2 different companies and i think google bought youtube

Why was YouTube started?

Youtube was started as a way for people to upload videos of themselves or others for the world to see, usually people made videos for specific people to see but it has become an entertainment website over the years.

Why did Justin bieber become asinger?

he started to make covers of himself singing on youtube so his grandparents and family could see but started to get loads of views. his manager scooter braun found him on youtube and signed him

What started it's over 9000?

the person who started it was Kajetokun, a youtuber. look up 9000! NINE THOUSAND! on youtube.