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the creators of YouTube (Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim) wanted somewhere to post there videos, so they created YouTube in Chad's Garage and started funding it with Chad's credit card on February 14th 2005 and launched it the next day
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Why was YouTube started?

Youtube was started as a way for people to upload videos of themselves or others for the world to see, usually people made videos for specific people to see but it has become an entertainment website over the years.

Why do YouTube videos stop and start?

YouTube videos (and web videos in general) stop and start because you are trying to play the video faster than your internet connection can download it.

How do you get to YouTube?

The URL is Another way to reach the site is to go onto Google. Select "More"at the top of the screen. Press YouTube and it will bring youstraight to YouTube. You can also click on your internet browser (Internet Explorer,Google Chrome, etc.) and type YouTube in the search bar. Once itlo ( Full Answer )

How did YouTube start?

well to be honest (its kindof a wierd and funny story) i heard a guy in highschool was bored and started youtube...and i have a theory maybe youtube and google where 2 different companies and i think google bought youtube

What is YouTube about?

People can make an account on it and they can post videos on it and other people can comment and stuff and u can make any type of videos on it. . YouTube is a video sharing site established in the United States. It allows users to upload and share video clips. It is a website for users to upload, ( Full Answer )

How do i get on to YouTube?

its simple just type into your search bar that is all you need to do!

What can you do on YouTube?

OK yes you can get on it by just doing and hitting enter. Ok but what is you are at school? It will not work go to If you see it blocked again just ad the il again it always works.

How do I get on YouTube?

its simple just type into your search bar that is all you need to do!

How can you get into YouTube?

Go to through a webbrowser and press sign up, then fill out your information and then make your account anyway you like it.

How do you get on YouTube? You type this in: and you're on youtube. Simple as that.or search it up

Why started YouTube?

the three founders wanted a site to share videos on easier and after that it spread like wild fire

How do you start a YouTube account?

You need a kind mail system (gmail) and then you'd need to find sign up under youtube's homesite. Then you write a username and password. Then you confirm it and then you should have a channel (as soon as you upload a video)

How do you start a vlog on YouTube?

just video yourself talking about something you love. then start your own accout on youtube (look at the top right hand corner) and then upload. tell all your friends about it to get a fanbase going and have fun. this is a great example;.

How do you change the still image at the start of YouTube?

I would suggest an Ad Blocker for your browser. If your using firefox for example, you can go to the firefox page and install Adblock for your browser. Then left click the image to see if it gives you the option to block it.

How do you start a group on YouTube?

To start a group on YouTube you will need to be signed in. Oncesigned in, go to the "my account" tab at the top right hand corner,click on the groups tab and create a group option.

How do you start a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is started once the first video is uploaded to a newly created YouTube account. To create an account, you need to sign up using the 'Create Account' link in the top right corner of the YouTube website.

How do i get to YouTube?

Open your computer and launch your web browser (i.e. Firefox,Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). Type YouTube into the search barand press enter. The search engine will show you the site. Click onit. This will then take you to the YouTube site.

How do I get into YouTube?

you click on your internet browser(enternet exolorer,google chrome ,)ect . and type youtube in the search bar then once it loads click on youtube broadcast yourself

How do you start a channel on YouTube?

To start your channel you have to have a Gmail or Email, then presssign put your Email or Gmail in and your password for it sign inthe click "advance" in the upper right corner. or find it in another place if its not there. then you click startchannel then you name your channel press enter and it st ( Full Answer )

How do you start a singing career on YouTube?

All you have to do is record yourself singing and upload it on youtube. Do you have your own log in to do that ? You need one. One you have you just have to let the people listen to you and comment. Who knows, someone important might come across some of your videos and like what they see. You can al ( Full Answer )

What is youtub?

Youtube is a social site where everybody can share personal videos with their friends or every body in general without any cost and also can watch the videos of other people without any restriction

When will red vs blue season 9 start on YouTube?

Watch it on when it comes out. The quality is better. If you can't watch it on you can watch it now on YouTube and it will be the top result if you search an episode.

When do start making money on YouTube?

You make the money by directing your Youtube viewers to your monetized site. So, set up a web site, monetize it and link it onto your youtube site. .

Did Katy Perry start from youtube?

Katy Perry was born October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California. After having three record deals fall apart, she signed with Capitol in 2007. Later that year, she released her first single, "Ur So Gay." Still, her career did not fully take off until the release of her next single, "I Kissed a Gir ( Full Answer )

What a good age to start a funny YouTube channel?

Most YouTubers ate in either their late teens or their 20s so I suggest about 18 or 19. But if people like you enough and you upload videos at a younger age it's fine.

How do you start an account on YouTube?

GO to LOOK on the right top corner. CLICK create account or sign up. FILL IN the information. YOU'RE GOOD TO GO!

Should I start a YouTube channel?

Of course. The more people contributing to the international community the better! This is the exact purpose of the internet in today's society. It is meant to bring people to share their thoughts in just this way!

How do you start a let's play video thing on YouTube?

depends for what? for the computer, you just find a screen recording program like the free version of Microsoft expression encoder and click record and it will record whatever you are playing. for console you need to buy a capture card, i think the price range is between the 150's and the 69.95's

Is YouTube going to start charging money?

YouTube probably won't start charging money to have people view user-uploaded video content because they make their money off of users viewing videos and viewing advertisements posted in or around the video. Although, some features of the YouTube site may cost money like buying a movie off of YouTub ( Full Answer )

In what year was YouTube started?

YouTube was created in February 15, 2005 by three former PayPal employees named Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karmin. In 2006, Google purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion.

How did YouTube start as an online business?

YouTube was started by three employees of an already-thriving internet company called PayPal. Frustrated with the lack of video resources online, they started the open source web sharing service.

How do you start a YouTube channel meant for gaming?

You can create a YouTube channel by creating a Google account, thensigning up on YouTube and creating your YouTube username. You anthen upload a channel image and profile picture for your YouTubechannel that could relate to gaming. Uploading videos that arerelated to your channel will help and sprea ( Full Answer )

Are we going tohave to start paying for youtube?

YouTube has recently devised a plan for users to start paying forsubscriptions to specific channels. However, this did not seem tobe a major success and I have not heard much about the progress ofit being implemented on more channels, if it was ever implementedanywhere at all. However, the majority ( Full Answer )

How many hits do you have to get before youtube starts paying you?

As soon as your videos are monetized, each eligible view helpsincrease the amount that you will be payed. Basically, there is nominimum amount of views before you start earning money in YouTube.Although, it is a good thing to note that you must have reached the$100 threshold before you can cash out ( Full Answer )

When was YouTube first started?

YouTube was founded in 2005 by three employees of PayPal whose names are: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. It became available for public viewing 6 months after it's debut.

After how many viwes youtube starts to pay?

It really depends on the type of account that you have and if youhave sponsors. If it is just a regular account, it typically takesat least 1,000 views and then you would get about $1 per 1,000views.

After how many views youtube starts to pay-?

This depends on how many consistent viewers you have. The more youhave, the more they will pay you. They average between 1/3 cent and1 cent per view with sponsored users or users partnered withYouTube payed more.

How do you start a good YouTube channel?

Hi, It's easy choose your brand or company name. which most suitable for you. if not available than choose a combination for it.

How do you start singing on YouTube?

Well you can watch videos to learn how to make your vocal chords more accurate. You then can start making videos of you signing and people might see it and might want to make real music with you as in a record album. Although there is a slight chance that will happen but you still might get signing ( Full Answer )

What are youtubers?

Youtubers are people who record footage of themselves, gaming, or beauty hacks. Some of them do it for a job, some of them do it for fun.

What supplies do you need to start a successful youtube channel?

A successful YouTube channel starts with a small amount of funding,recording equipment, and a basic movie editing software. You mayget by with iMovie and Windows Movie Maker in the beginning butshould continually upgrade your gear as your channel grows.

When did PewDiePie start his YouTube channel?

PewDiePie started his YouTube career in 2010 when he left collegeto pursue his YouTuber dream. Now, he is one of the most subscribedchannels on YouTube.

How do you start a YouTube channal?

Anyone can create a YouTube channel. As long as you can create aGoogle account, you can create your own YouTube channel. Gettingyour first video online can be as simple as using an iPhone to ascomplex as using movie editing and effects software.