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How did Zac Efron get on the television show?


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Vannesa Hudgens had a crush on Zac Efron so she told some people then the director of high school musical saw him and got him on it and now Zac Efron is famous and get on TV shows


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Zac Efron played the younger version of Simon Tam in flashbacks.

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he stared in high school musical THATS NOT A TV SHOW YOU IDIOT!!! He starred in C.S.I

yeah, he plays a young Simon Tam

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by a television show he was in summer land and then he became a superstar and all round heartthrob by hsm

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Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron starred together in the hit TV show, 'summerland', for many years. The show is set in California, and shows our lovely Jesse gettin' hot 'n' heavy with a number of incredibly lucky co-starring females.

His name in the show was Cameron, but I'm not sure about his last name, just google the show, he was a main character

Summerland, 2004-2005, he was 16. His first TV part was on Firefly, 2002, when he was 14.

i can't tell you all of them but he has been on the sutie life of Zack and Codyzac efron was a character in Summerland.

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