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Q: How did a trust allow John D Rockefeller to create a monopoly over the American oil industry?
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Did the US government use coercion?

Government by definition is coercion.Government is characterized by a monopoly of the legitimate use of force to create the social order it wants.

What was the Name of the form of government the framers of the American constitution agreed to create?

The form of government the framers of the Constitution agreed to create republic

What effect did the monopoly have on American in 1900?

Monopolies were outlawed at this time in most countries (including the 2 biggest, the U.S. and the U.K.) because of the Monopoly the East India Trade Company had had on tea. Monopolies are bad for economies. Plain and simple. They destroy competition, which is the basis of an economy. "To compete is to win." However, not too long ago (I think the 1920's...ish?) the U.S. had within it's boundaries a monopoly in the railway industry. Almost all railroads were owned by a single company that charged different rates to different customers. Theodore Roosevelt interfered with Capitalism (again for the millionth time, not criticizing here at all, I idolize TR because of this) and split the company into several different competing companies to avoid the economic slump beginning to form because of this. In today's economy it would be very difficult to do what Roosevelt did because it is not within the power of the Federal Government to interfere with most commerce. What Roosevelt did was in essence a strike against Democracy in the defense of the World's most powerful democracy. It would also be extremely difficult to create a monopoly in today's global market. This surprising includes petroleum because petroleum is exported from several different companies. They don't have to compete very much because natural gas is in such high demand it's not even funny. They are mainly Islamic, which matters a lot because they use a misinterpreted version of the Islamic Faith that is hostile towards the West. This hostility unites them. This may be all semi-irrelevant because I have no idea where in the world you are asking about or what monopoly you are asking about. Are you asking about the Cuban Monopoly on sugar? Or one of the Hawaiian Monopolies?

How do i create a visual for Henry Clay's American System?

i relaly dont know am asking the same thing too

Why did the British create a stamp tax in 1765?

The British created a tax stamp because the tax was imposed on all American colonists

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How did a trust allow John D. Rockefeller to create a monopoly over the American oil industry?


What did john Rockefeller create in order to monopolize the oil industry?

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What did John D. Rockefeller create in order to monopolize the oil industry?

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Why did Rockefeller use horizontal intergration?

Rockefeller used horizontal integration to create a monopoly by owning or controlling all businesses within a certain industry. By horizontally integrating, he could eliminate competition, control prices, and increase his own profits.

What were the two methods that Carnegie and Rockefeller use to create companies that were deemed as monopolies?

1.)Vertical Integration: a process in which you buy out the other competitors in order to be the only one left, creating a monopoly 2.)Horizontal Integration: companies that produce the same products merge together, to create a monopoly

How a government is involved in creating a monopoly?

The government can create a monopoly when, in doing so, it is in the interest of the public good.

How did railroads create a natural monopoly?

good job

What did Andrew Carnegie use to create a monopoly?


Why did Hamilton create a tariff?

They raised money for the government and encouraged the growth of American industry's.

Can you use Game Salad to create a Monopoly type game?


What was Andrew Carnegie's monopoly?

Andrew Carnegie's Monopoly is the extreme case in capitalism.

The role of multinational companies in tourism industry?

several mnc's like Thomas cook and coax and kings are playing a vital role for industry by providing variety of quality services to travellers to enhance value of tour to give most qualitative services with competitive prices but these companies also create monopoly in the market.