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Q: How did aggressive world powers emerge?
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What nations made up the Axis powers in World War Two?

There were three main Axis powers in WW 2. All three were aggressive and were dictatorships. They were Germany, Italy and Japan.

What contributed to the success of aggressive nations in the 1930s?

The weakness and un willingness of the european powers and others to react and commit to military actions as a result of the first world war

What was Joseph Stalin view point of world war 2?

An apparent increase in his overall power, because the aggressive rivals of his of the Axis powers. All he wanted was absolute power.

Did a winner emerge from World War 1?


When did restaurants begin to emerge in the western world?


How did the US emerge from World War 2?


How did Germany emerge from defeat at the end of World War 1?


Why was the cold war a world wide affair?

Because the US and the USSR were world powers. World powers are called world powers because they EFFECT the world.

What was the role if the axis powers in the years prior to World War 2?

Being really aggressive and power-hungry. Primarily, their goals were to gain territory, at really no matter the cost. They ended up disagreeing, however, which shattered them internally as they were getting shattered externally by us, the allied-powers.

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers

How did the US emerge from World War 1?

politically strong and prosperous

Which events accelerated the rise of aggressive nationalism in Europe after World War 1?

"The Great Depression in the United States, which triggered a worldwide depression marked by inflation and widespread poverty" and "competition among European powers to accelerate their economies, which led to large-scale industrialization" are the events that accelerated the rise of aggressive nationalism in Europe after World War I. The correct options are the option "A" and option "C".