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How did carpetbaggers get their name?

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Carpetbaggers got their name because of the carpet bags they carried with them. It was a name given to a northerner who moved south after the Civil War.

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What effect did the KKK have on the southern carpetbaggers?

It had a negative effect on carpetbaggers and scallywags.

What is the duration of The Carpetbaggers film?

The duration of The Carpetbaggers - film - is 2.5 hours.

Who criticized the carpetbaggers?

The Southerners criticized the carpetbaggers. Why? well because the carpetbaggers were renovating the South as if they were bringing parts of the North in order to develop South as the North

How can you use carpetbaggers in a sentence?

Conductor, please don't let those carpetbaggers get on the train.

When was The Carpetbaggers - film - created?

The Carpetbaggers - film - was created on 1964-04-09.

How did the carpetbaggers get their nickname?

got their name from the bags they carried. They were made up of old, used carpet. xD

Who went to the south the scalawags or the carpetbaggers?

The Carpetbaggers went to the south after the civil war for political or financial advantage.

What were the beliefs about Carpetbaggers?

Carpetbaggers were seen as transient exploiters who moved to the South to scam money from the Freedman's Bureau.

Who were the Carpetbaggers?

northerners who came to the south after the civil war

Why were northerners called carpetbaggers?

After the Civil War, the north had control of the south. To ascertain this control, the north brought their own carpets with them because the south had wood floors, no carpet. They would wrap their furniture and belongings in their carpet to move. Hence the name "carpetbaggers."

What were the carpet baggers?

Carpetbaggers was a name given to people who moved from the North to the South. Many purchased or leased land and became wealthy.

Where did carpetbaggers migrate from?

The south after the civil war

What were carpetbaggers and scalewags?

Both carpetbaggers and scalawags were derogatory names used to describe certain people during Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers were northerners who came to the south after the war to take advantage of the destabilized situation and profit from it. Scalawags were southerners who were supportive of the Reconstruction and Republicans after the civil war. .

What were scalawags and carpetbaggers?

Carpetbaggers were usually rich, Republican capitalists who travels south during the Reconstruction era after the Civil War in order to invest their money in the new developing industries. Scalawags were Southern whites who supported the Reconstruction of the South.

What year did carpetbagging start?

Carpetbaggers begin in 1867

Why did the southerners dislike carpetbaggers?

They thought they were exploiting their misfortunes.

What is a carpetbaggers?

A carpetbagger were people from the North who went to the South during Reconstruction to make money. Carpetbaggers were able to rise to political power during the Reconstruction period in the South.

What was a carpetbaggers life before the civil war?

The people who were called carpetbaggers were well do northerners who came to the south to buy the ruins of the south. They were called carpetbaggers because they carried a bag made of a heavy cloth that looked like a carpet. The southerners hated them because they were going after the ruined plantations and businesses.

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