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Q: How did constellation Leo Minor get its name?
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What is the meaning of the name of the constellation Leo Minor?

The name Leo Minor means Lesser Lion

What is The brightest star of Leo minor's constellation?

Not a very exciting name but 46 Leonis Minoris is the brightest star in the constellation Leo Minor.

What solar system is the constellation Leo minor in?

Leo minor isn't in a constellation, it is a constellation. Leo minor lies between Ursa Major and Leo. It is bordered by Ursa Major, Lynx, Cancer, and Leo.

What constellation is between Leo and Ursa Major?

It is Leo Minor.

What constellations are next to or near the Cancer constellation?

All of these constellations border the Cancer constellation: Lynx Gemini Canis Minor Hydra Leo Leo Minor (corner)

What type of god is the Leo minor constellation?

Leo is not really a Greek constellation- it's part of the horoscopes. But it sort of represents the Nemean Lion.

Why was the constellation Leo named Leo?

because they liked the name leo

What is the name of a star in the sky that makes the constellation Leo?

One of the stars in the sky that makes up the constellation Leo is named Regulus. The name of one other star that is in this constellation is 83 Leo A.

What is a constellation in Leo?

Leo is a constellation - there is not a constellation inside Leo.

What are three to four constellations that border Cancer the constellation?

Here are the six constellations bordering Cancer, including Leo Minor, which is at one corner: Lynx Gemini Canis Minor Hydra Leo Leo Minor (corner)

What are some objects in space that begin with the letter L?

little dipper (constellation)Lacerta (constellation)Leo (constellation)Leo Minor (constellation)Lepus (constellation)Libra (constellation)Lupus (constellation)Lynx (constellation)Lyra (constellation)Lanx Australis (star)La Superba (star)Lesath (star)Lucida Anseris (star)

Another name for the constellation Leo?