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by being respectful and not being rude or noisy. and by showing how to be the first lady and a role model

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Q: How did dolley madison make an impact on others lives?
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How does American communist party impact lives of Americans?

It doesn’t if you are asking about today. White supremacy is more of a concern.

What is the purpose of washingtons cabinet?

Because George Washington was the first president, I would have to argue that the purpose of Washington's cabinet was to help set the foundation of America. I mean, think about it: it was during Washington's presidency that our banking system was created and established; that term alone set up America's economy for the rest of our lives. Of course, the president uses his cabinet as a reassurance tool, meaning that before he makes huge decisions that will impact millions of lives for the rest of their lives, he must talk it over with his cabinet, first.

How does the federal government impact our lives?

The government... *protects us with an army *make laws *enforce laws *provide health care *provide public schools *provide parks *help veterans *pave and repair roads

What is the federal deadly force policy?

Restricts the use of dead force to ONLY those situations where the lives of officers others are in danger.Elements of the standard:-defense of life-verbal warnings-vehicles-fleeing subject-warning shots

Johnson's greatest domestic and foreign problem?

The war in Vietnam qualifies on both counts. It was a terrible and expensive war-- expensive both in money and in the lives of our soldiers. It was extremely unpopular with draft-age students and others and resulted in Johnson's retirement at the end of his term.

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