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How did environment influence ancient Greece?


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the environment influenced ancient Greece by helping them get their needs and the shaped how they lived.

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Environment influenced homes in ancient Greece. Low lying structures required adequate ventilation for the heat. Mountain living dictated caves as major structures to insulate from the cold.

Ancient Greece influenced architecture a lot (with columns)

i bet your in year 5 or 6 trying to do a project on ancient Greece

the environment of ancient china impacted on the food of the ancient chinese people.

In ancient times , Greece nwas not one united or unified country because of the mountains. How did ... How does human development affect the environment?

in ancient greece,the odyssey.

it influenced ancient Greece because the weather would change the way they lived

People of the Renaissance were influenced by Classical ideas that came from ancient Rome and Greece.

Both had their settlement based on river valleys and seashores.

Greek statuary and building structure (columns) evolved from Egyptian models.

The influence of Ancient Greece in politics, architecture, the arts and language was received via the countries which settled North America. So ancient Greece gave nothing directly to the US. It came from Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy etc in various forms, copies and re-developments.

He controlled the sky, thunder, and was the supreme god.

how did the system of roads influence the development of ancient greece

they needed it to survive and live in the climate conditions

Water had to be shipped in for all to survive.

By establishing farms, cities, fisheries, ports.

In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece

The seas surrounding ancient Greece influenced its development because they used the sea to establish colonies and trade with people from other lands.

Ancient Greece invented their gods and then the Ancient Romans "stole" the gods and changed their names to Roman.They worshiped many of the same gods.

no Greece now has different imports and exports then ancient Greece. and ancient Greece is Greece int the past.

He taught Alexander the Great and he was a very smart man and he did a lot of work.

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