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Greek gods/and goddess got there names because of there personality and what they represent on the earth

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Q: How did greek gods and goddess get there roman names?
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1 What were the names of three Roman Gods and what were the Greek names for these same gods?

The Roman god Jupiter is the Greek god Zeus. The Roman goddess Venus is the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The Roman god Mars is Ares the Greek god.

Who is the Roman equivalent to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite?

Roman gods are the same as Greek gods. The names are changed to fit the Roman language. The Roman god equal to the Greek god of love named Aphrodite is named Venus.

What is the greek gods roman name?

It depends on which Greek/Roman god/goddess.

Names of greek gods and goddess?


Why do greek gods and goddess have roman names too?

The Greek Gods and Goddesses have Roman counterparts because when the Roman civilization was formed, they adopted Greece's deities. They simply renamed them and edited them to suit their civilization.

What are the names of greek gods and goddess?

Well here are the 12 olympians, the main ones. there are minor gods also but you will see these most often: Zeus (Jupiter) Hera (Juno) Poseidon (Neptune) Hades (Pluto) Hephestus (Vulcan) Athena (Minerva) Ares (Mars) Aphrodite (Venus) Apollo (Pheobus Apollo) Artemis (Diana) Hermes (Mercury) Hestia (Vesta)

What roman or greek gods have four letter names?

1.Ares 2.Zeus 3.Hera(a goddess)

How did the Greek goddess Diana die?

She did not. Gods are immortal.Another thing: Diana was a Roman goddess, equivalent to Greek Artemis.

Juno Queen of the Roman gods derived from what equivalent Greek goddess?

Juno was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera.

Who is the Roman goddess Venus named after?

None of the gods in Greek or Roman mythology are really "named" after anything, sometimes their names mean things in Greek or Latin. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, and the Greek goddess of love and beauty was Aphrodite. The Romans duplicated all the Greek myths, changing the names to Roman ones, so I guess you could say Venus was named after Aphrodite.

Whats the difference of roman gods and greek gods?

the roman gods have different names that's it!

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