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They used violence and terror to control elections

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What were the main issues in national politics in the 1870s?

ME havin sexual relations with EVERY BODY

What did Oliver H Kelley found?

He was a founder of the National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry, the central influence in the Granger movement of the 1870s.

The earlier group from which the populist movement emerged was the?

The populist movement grew out of the Farmers' Alliance that began in the 1870s. When the Farmers' Alliance moved into formal politics, it did so as the People's Party.

Why were many Americans tired of Reconstruction by the mid-1870s?

The southern economy was completely restored.

What foods were slaves given in the 1870s?

In the 1870s, the Civil War had ended and there were no more slaves in the U.S.

What country was rugby league originated?

IT was started in England (UK) in particular the northern areas (Hull, Leeds and Wigan) in the late 1870s as a breakaway from the union code

In which country did the fascist party begin?

In 1870s Italy, with political groups known as Fasci. These groups coalesced under a national organization during WW1, and after the war Mussolini formed the National Fascist Party in 1921,which took power in 1922.

What happened in china 1850s-1870s?

the qin dynasty happened. just look it up in the internet.

What was the capital of Greece in the 1870s?

The Kingdom of Greece, which operated from 1832-1924, had its capital in Athens during the 1870s.

Which of these labor organizations formed a political party in the 1870s?

The National Labor Union formed a political party in the 1870s.

What caused an economic depression in the 1870s?

The Panic of 1873 caused an economic depression in the 1870s because banksacross the land closed .

Why did the metis leave manitoba in the early 1870s?

A series of droughts, floods and other natural disaster led to the Metis leaving Manitoba in the 1870s.

When were foxes introduced?

They were introduced in the early 1870s

Inventions in the 1870s?

Thomas Edison and the lightbulb

Why did most Americans lose interest in Reconstruction in the 1870s?

Americans lose interest in reconstruction in the laste 1870s because conservatives had regained control the south.

Why were Northerners growing tired of Reconstruction in the mid-1870s?

because blacks in the south took advantage of the reconstrution and made white people slaves

What was the reasons for people to move west in the 1870s?

There were many different reasons for people moving west in the 1870s. For example, many farmers moved on to greener pastures.

What was one result of boom in farm production in the 1870s?

Crop prices went down because of the boom in farm production in the 1870s.

When is the time period of impressionism?

It started in France in the 1870s.

When was forks founded?

In the state of Washington in the late 1870s.

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