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he went on a great diet called bulimia.

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How much weight did josh peck lose?

over 100 pounds

How josh peck lose weight?

by not eating and excersicing

How did Josh Peck lose weight?

He Work out and stuck to a diet and got a personal trainer to help him

How did josh peck lose all that weight?

The natural way, through proper diet and exercise. What diet

How much does Josh Peck weigh?

in the last interwiew he say he lose about 100 pounds

How did Josh Peck lose so much weight in so little time?

He hired a personal trainer and he went on a diet. He lost 110 ponds in a year and a half.

Has josh peck ever been arrested?

No he did not don't you worry he's still alive too but he did lose a lot of weight but he did it in a healthy manor

How did josh peck get so thin?

Josh Peck, best known for the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh, lost weight by dieting and using a personal trainer. He continues to watch what he eats and work out to keep the weight off.

What diet did josh peck go on?

He did excercise on an empty stomach so it was burning the stored fat and not the fat he just eat he did ten star jumps every morning he woke up and ten before he went to sleep he did good to lose lot of weight and to find his diet and keep fit and lose weight search josh peck loses his puppy fat :L

Josh peck is dead?

is josh peck dead

Does josh peck have a tattoo?

Yes, Josh Peck has a tattoo

Does josh peck excersise?

Yes, Josh Peck does exercise!

Who is taller drake bell or josh peck?

Josh Peck

How did josh peck from drake and josh loose his weight?

He Probably dieted and jumped around like a giant panzie!!

What caused the death of josh peck?

The actor Josh Peck is not dead.

Is josh peck and Ethan peck related?

No. Ethan Peck is an actor, grandson of the legendary Gregory Peck. Josh peck is an actor as well, but there is no relation.

When was Josh Peck born?

Josh Peck was born on November 10, 1986.

How did Josh Peck lose so much weigh?

WHY??? WHY WOOD U WANNA NO? ITS rude to find out how. just go to google and type in this supid quetion.

How much weigh did Josh Peck lose?

He said he lost 100 pounds through proper diet and exercise. They said he lost 100 pounds.

How many pounds did josh peck weigh before his weight loss?

About 275 pounds

Is Josh Peck Josh on Drake and Josh?


Who plays Josh in Drake and Josh?

Josh Peck

Who plays josh in drake in josh?

Josh Peck

Is josh peck and Allison going out?

There is a 50% chance that Josh Peck and Allison are going out.

Did josh peck die of bulimia?

NO! Josh Peck is alive! I can't believe these STUPID RUMORS!