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Quite simply they just went, battles could last for hours and you required someone to help you to get in/out of your armour, so it was much easier to just go

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How did knights make their armor?

the armor is made by blacksmiths

Why did the knights die?

Knights fought in the middle ages. In the first battle of the 100 years war, arrows from English longbows pierced the armor of French knights. That made the armor of knights useless in warfare. As a result, they had to put their armor away.

What are the knights armor parts?

Helm Cuirass Shoulder armor Legs and feet armor

What did knights have on their armor?

Knights sometimes decorated their armor with paint or cloth with heraldic devices. In other times, they polished the armor so it would gleam in the sun.

What are facts about knights?

Knights wore armor and ladies weren't allowed to become knights.

What did the invention of metal armor allow knights to do?

Metal armor (plate armor) was not invented in medieval age, it was already used by ancient greeks and romans. Metal armor allowed knights to be stronger.

Who paid for the medieval knights horse and armor?

The knights had to buy their own armor and buy/take care of their own horses.

What are the release dates for Knights in Armor - 1976 VG?

Knights in Armor - 1976 VG was released on: USA: 1976

What does knights were?

The wear shining armor.

What did the knights wear to protect their bodies?

The knights wore armor to protect their bodies. The armor usually covered them from head to toe. Also the armor they wore were heavy but durable for battle.

When knights wore armor?

Knights always wore armor, they wore it to battles and while they were on duty. Specifically, they started wearing chain mail armor in the 12th century, and they progressed to steel plate armor in the 15th century.

What knights wear?

knights wear armor such as mail that protects their upper half

What did knights wear to protect themselves?

Knights wore a suit of Armor as protection.

What was knights armor like?

a knights armer was very heavy and probably uncomfertable. A knights armor consisted of chainmail or platemail and platelegs. a knight also wore a helmet a shield and sword

How do you recognize knights?

because of their shineing armor.

Can Death knights get legacy armor?

World of Warcraft: Yes, Death Knights can wear the Bind to Account heirloom armor if they have an 80 on their account with the means to get it.

How do you get the crusader armor in oblivion?

You get the armor by completing the quests in the Knights of the Nine official plug-in.

What did knights wear in middle ages?

Knights wore chain mail and steal armor

What do knights wear to protect there bodies?

knights were mettel armor with a lair of chain under it.

Did knights have swords?

Yes. Knights had swords. Also they hadarrows, shields, chain mail and armor.

What was used in knights armor?

metal, leather and hides

What are the differences between samurai and knights?

samurai have an armor made out of bamboo, leather and some metal. but knights armor are made of steel or many chain mails joined together Samurai didnt have the chivalry that was requested from knights

What is armor made of?

It depends on the kind of armor. Armor for medieval knights was purely steel shaped to a human body. Bullet proof armor is normally made of kevlar.

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