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Lacrosse was started by native Americans

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When did woman start playing lacrosse?

Woman started playing lacrosse in 1980.

When does lacrosse season start?


When does college lacrosse start?

in college!

When do summer lacrosse leagues start?


Name the Sports that start With A to L?


When does youth lacrosse season start?

In the spring.

When does university lacrosse season start?

in the spring

When does lacrosse start?

Lacrosse usually starts in march and ends in june. But you can also play in winter and fall leagues. Also practices usually start in February.

When did paul rabil start playing lacrosse?

Paul Rabil got serious about lacrosse as a freshmen in high school

How do you start a la cross game?

it's lacrosse.

How early lacrosse conditioning start?

whenever you want it to

When does field lacrosse start?

it starts in the spring time

When did major league lacrosse start?

The professional lacrosse league called Major League Lacrosse was founded in 1999 and had its first season in 2001. Plus are you talking about women or men?

What year did lacrosse start?

it was created in the 1600s by the American Indians

Where did lacross start?

Lacrosse is thought to have originated in Canada. The game of lacrosse was played by various Native American and Plains Indian tribes.

When is lacrosse season start?

The college lacrosse season started a week of two ago. The highschool season has not yet started and will in about a month

How long is lacrosse season and when does it start?

Early March to late June

How do you start a la crosse game?

A lacrosse game is started with a faceoff.

Why did lacrosse start?

I think it was to teach young indians battle strateges.

Why did white men start playing lacrosse?

Because they couldn't jump

When did the sport of lacrosse first start?

The sport of lacrosse first started as a war game. It was used to settle disputes between Native American tribes.

Is there any sports that start with the letter L?

a sport starting with 'L' is Lacrosse

What is draw in lacrosse?

A draw is in girls lacrosse when they put the ball in between 2 players sticks to start the game. They then flight the ball into the air and fight to gain possesion

Why do you have to put your stick down in lacrosse?

At the start and after a goal of each lacrosse game, there is a faceoff. This is where 2 players put their sticks on the ground with the ball in the middle and fight for the ball

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

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