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Lacrosse is a fascinating sport containing many possible discussion topics. Questions in this category range from current lacrosse topics to topics on the history of lacrosse.

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How does lacrosse start?

It starts when two midfielders face off in the middle of the field. Once they start two teammates rush in from both sides (east to west) to help. Then the ball is advanced to one side of the field. ...
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How does a lacrosse game start?

as you know there are 3 attackmen and defenders on each side of the field, both behind the restraining line. There is also a goalie on each side of the field. There will be 3 middies on each side of the 50 yard line with both teams having their own side. two middies, 1 from each team, will line up on each side of the field crouching down. They will have the outside of their pocket facing the ball with the...
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Can you use a fiddle stick head in a lacrosse game?

no, a Fiddlestick is a miniature lacrosse stick. In all leagues of lacrosse there are guidelines and requirements for the stick. it has to be a certain length, the head cant be to pinched, etc. Fiddle sticks are too small and do not meet requirements for playing in games. Their sole purpose is to mess with at home or with friends. ...
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How can you wash lacrosse gloves?

You should put baking soda in your lacrosse bag, it will take the smell out of your gloves, along with the rest of your equipment. ...
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What is top 5 lacrosse companies?

Stx brine warrior mavorik gait deBeer
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How was lacrosse made?

Lacrosse was invented my native North Americans . They used this now sport as a test for how tough a warrior would be in battle. ...
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How do you deepen your lacrosse pocket?

If you don't know how to loosen sidewall strings then you can soak your head and mesh in hot water. Then wedge a ball in the pocket as deep as you like using a pencil or knife to keep it in place. Then let dry. You can also soak it and take a metal pole and push it on the pole and move the head around. Also, most likely when buying new mesh it is easily maneuverable. ...
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The best lacrosse players of all time?

The Stanwicks, probably. Sheehan Stanwick Burch, Wick Stanwick, Coco Stanwick, Tad Stanwick and Steele Stanwick. ...
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What are the smallest lacrosse shoulder pads?

There are many types and brands that advertise "liners" or "speed" versions of pads, but I have found that only a few are worth the dollar. First, I recommend the Maverik Maybach Speed Liners. They are light and comfortable, as advertised. Second, I recommend the Warrior MPG UltraLyte 8.0 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad which are your best bet for some protection, but less than the Maveriks. Lastly, I recommend this unconventional method of getting comfortable, but compact pads: Warrior MPG 4.5 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad....
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Time limit for college lacrosse?

Girls : There are two 25 minute halves :) Boys: There are four, 15 minute quarters ...
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Who invented lacrosse?

Lacrosse The North American Indians invented it. They were playing the game for centuries when the first French explorers first observed the game and named it "la crosse", which of course is French for "the stick", referring to the the primary implement of which the game is played. To elaborate, the North American Indians in the great lakes area were the first to be observed playing the game by the french. Second 'La crosse' was the name given to the game by Jean-de-Br�beuf because...
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How long is a lacrosse defense shaft?

the shaft itself is 60" long. With a head attached it is 6ft.
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Can you die a Lacrosse head twice?

no it will eventually chip and weaken the head try buying1 but that will eventually chip too ...
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What are good shaft head combinations in lacrosse?

There are many different combinations of heads and shafts. I like Birne equipment a lot. The Clutch is a great head for every position. The swizzle or the swizzbeat are also great shafts i have the swizzbeat and it is great. It's light and has good grip for shooting. Unfortunately the grip can chip of unlike the swizzle, but the swizzle is 30 more dollars then the swizz beat. ...
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What is pinches in the head mean?

For lacrosse heads? It means you make the narrow part of the head more narrow. This lets you have less space to catch but less space for the ball to fall out of. This should only be done for attack players and some middies depending on preference. Dont pinch it too much because there are rules ik for highschool its 2.5 inches minnimum ...
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What is a lacrosse racket called?

A lacrosse STICK I think
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Is lacrosse the national sport of Canada?

== == "In 1994, Bill C-212 was introduced to officially declare hockey as Canada's national sport. Opposition came from supporters of lacrosse who wanted to recognize the traditional and cultural significance of this sport. Consequently, Bill C-212 was amended to recognize both sports. Thus, on May 12, 1994, Canada's National Sport Act (Bill C-212) became law, reading: "To recognize hockey as Canada's National Winter Sport and lacrosse as Canada's National Summer Sport". While hockey's popularity is unquestionable - especially in Canada, lacrosse is...
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When does lacrosse season end?

The NCAA mens lacrosse season usually ends memorial day weekend, with a big tournament to seal it off. Womens lacrosse goes another 2 weeks and has their tournament. ...
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Where is the best place to buy lacrosse gear?

At the Sports Authority or Modellls.
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What is a good lacrosse stick for a middy?

It all depends on what shaft feels best in your hands. I would recommend going to a lacrosse store and feeling shafts to see which one feels the most comfortable. These are some of the ones I prefer: 1. STX Sci-Ti Pro $180 2.Scandium Pro $100 3.Warrior Kryptolyte $91 These are my favorite heads 1. STX Super Power $99 2. Brine Clutch I have the Warrior Kryptolyte with STX Super Power and I love it. I would go with Sci-Ti Pro with STX Super Power if money...
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Difference between lacrosse and sofcrosse?

•Lacrosse is heaps rough and Sofcrosse isn't. •Lacrosse sticks have no bar going across the catcher to stop the ball from falling out and the catcher is made out of some stringy stuff while Sofcrosse sticks' catcher is plastic and has the bar. ...
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How do you be a good lacrosse goalie?

to be a good goalie your first concern should be your weaker side that's what us attack guys look for and your stance is also a HUGE factor ...
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How do you put a lacrosse stick together?

Use the instruction booklet. You sould have to put the net onto the spoon part then connect the spoon to the stick. ...
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What lacrosse shafts does the Brine Clutch 2x fit on?

the brine clutch head will fit on any brine lacrosse shafts. I have the Clutch on my brine swizzebeat. i recommended this shaft its is light gripy and cheap. it is only 80 dollars ...