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I think from the song Yankie Doodle because it has the word in it. I think from the song Yankie Doodle because it has the word in it.

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Macaroni is a type of pasta. So, if we put cheese on Macaroni, it becomes Macaroni and cheese. Simple!

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First known usage, 1599: southern Italian dialect maccaroni or from late Greek makaria.

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Q: How did macaroni and cheese get its name?
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What is the correct name for macaroni and cheese?

cheese macaroni!!

What is the other name for macaroni?

mac and cheese

Is it macaroni and cheese or cheese and macaroni?

No there is no difference. Mac & cheese is just a shorter way to say macaroni & cheese

What pasta is baked with cheese?

Macaroni cheese. Called macaroni and cheese in America and macaroni pie in Jamaica

How did mac-n-cheese get its name?

the pasta is called macaroni, and when you mix it with the cheese... well you get it.

Where does aldi get their macaroni and cheese?

From a factory that makes Macaroni and Cheese.

Is macaroni and cheese a noun?

no macaroni and cheese is not a noun it is a food

What is the the name mac darragh in Irish?

macaroni & cheese & tabouleh

What is macoronny cheese?

I think you mean macaroni cheese? That is macaroni baked with a cheese sauce.

Name a food with cheese that's a childhood favorite?

Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Macaroni, Cheeseburger

Who eats macaroni and cheese?

i think that all sorts of cheese can be used to make macaroni cheese

Which has more fat calories chicken with gravy or macaroni and cheese?

Macaroni cheese