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Q: How did many white people react to Garrisons view on slavery?
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Did all white people believe in slavery?

No, not all white people believed in slavery. There were white individuals who were against slavery and fought for its abolition. Additionally, there were free African Americans and indigenous peoples who also opposed slavery.

Are white people going into slavery?

Yes slavery has no ethnic boundaries.

What are the people called that put people in slavery?

white people

Y did white people want slavery?

bcuz white people think they are better then everyone and needed people to work for them

Southern response to slavery?

The southern white people wanted slavery forever because they wanted more unfair laboring to the white farmers.

How did white people react during the Harlem Renaissance?

they were happy

How did the slavery issue affect the Whig party?

the white people

Why did some white people liked martin Luther king?

Not all white people agreed with slavery and some people liked the ideas of no more slavery and felt like he would end it

How did white Southerners react to northern criticisms of slavery?

SOUTHERNERS SAID: it is a part of of culture. our economy will fail without slavery. slaves are not people they are "property". our property is protected under the constitution!. all succesful civilizations in history practiced some form of slavery. if the U.S. is to become a prosperous nation somebody is going to have to be exploited somewhere along the line.

What was slavary?

Slavery is when white people take black people for slaves and blacks serve whites.

How did slavery affect the southern colonies?

it over populated the white people itself !

What were some of the causes of the nation dividing by slavery?

because i said that i didnt want slavery but all of the white people wanted it -__- SMFH.