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Q: How did mensuration made life easier?
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Has facebook made your life easier?

yes it has made my life easier.

How can you make project on mensuration in real life?


Has the car made life easier?

cars had made life easier because you dont walk anymore

What future technology can make an easier life?

well the apple company has made an easier life

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Dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters and indoor plumbing has made life easier for a lot of people.

How do metro made moderens mans life easier 10 line answer?

the metro made the moderens man life easier by: is very fast is not costily 3.easier to travel small distences etc These are some points that made the moders man life easier.

How did the cuneiform make life easier?

It made life easier for them because they could communicate with each other !

How did gunpowder made life easier?

It made war easiler

How gunpowder made life easier?

It made war easiler

What is an innovation that made your life easier?


What is the sentence of mensuration?

mensuration means measuring of something. Do you get me now, jimmy ?

Is a calculater a technology?

Yes, as long as it makes your life easier. Technology:"Something made to make life easier."