How did microscopes change human understanding of life?

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Well, first, humans used to think all these crazy ideas about life because they did not know anything about cells, molecules, atoms, or anything else beyond the naked eye. Once the first microscope was invented, we could see cells and everything else unseen before, because it was so tiny. Then, scientists knew that cells are basic building blocks of life. They found out, eventually, that cell does its job alone, a tissue is made up of a group of cells working together, an organ (not the instrument) is made up of tissues working together, and an organ system is all the organs in one system preforming different jobs to accomplish on big job.
Scientists also found out that cells have different parts, like the nucleus, cell membrane, organelles, and mitochondria. This turned out to be pretty big. There are eukaryote cells and prokaryote cells. There are single celled organisms and there are multicellular organisms. This all lead to the understanding of what's living and non-living, other than "OH! It's alive, IT MOVES!" All living things have cells. The cells must do four things in order to survive: Make nutrients/food, Mitosis, Exchange with the environment, and Respond to the environment (and of course get rid of waste. That kinda goes with Exchange).

All of THAT all leads to even more things. Hope it was helpful.
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