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Q: How did mining affect the environment in sudbury?
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Is there any mining near Sudbury?

There is plenty of mining in and around Sudbury now known as the City of Greater Sudbury.

How does ruby mining affect the environment?

because it is

Does mining topaz affect the environment?

what are the environmental concerns surrounding the mining of the mineral topaz

Does the mining of obsidian affect the environment?

The mining of obsidian can absolutely affect the environment. Any mining in general can strip the Earth of valuable natural resources. Using heavy machinery and processing the ore can be detrimental as well.

How does mining obsidian affect the environment and economy of where it is found?

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How does cyanide affect the environment during mining?

Cyanides (NaCN or KCN) are not used in uranium mining and recovery, but it is used in gold mining.

How does the mining of garnet effect the environment?

cos its a small industrie it dosent affect the enviroment

How does coal mining affect the environment and health of people?

The coal rocks and starts a bomb

Does mining nickel affect the environment?

we have to blow things up and cut down trees to get to the mines.

What are the advantages of underground mining?

Advantages of Underground Mining are: * It allows minerals to be extracted from deep underground * It doesn't create a mess like open cut or surface mining * Does not affect the physical environment as much as surface mining

What has the author Frank G Bedell written?

Frank G. Bedell has written: 'The Sudbury mining district' -- subject(s): Mineral industries, Mining districts, History

What kind of mining is hardest on the environment?

Hydraulic mining