How did nduz farzer get into n dubz?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Dappy and fazer met at a karate class and where friedns at school

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Q: How did nduz farzer get into n dubz?
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What nationality are N dubz?

N-dubz are english

Where was n-dubz born?

N-Dubz were born in Camden!

Where are all of N dubz from?

n-dubz are from north London

When did n dubz form?

n dubz fromed when they there 12

Who is Fazer from N-Dubz dating?

Tulisa of N-Dubz

What is the cast of the song 'Wouldn't You' by N-Dubz?

N Dubz

Where did the name n-dubz come from?

Their postcode... NW ... N-Dubble You... N-Dubz.. see?They Saidd In An Interview That N-Dubz Were called That Because ''N'' For North And Dubz Because It Can Meann Anythinng !

Where do N-Dubz live?

N-Dubz live in Camden, London.

What is n-dubz real name?

its n-dubz in graffiti letters

What singers are like N-Dubz?

N-Dubz are a unique band!

How many singles do n-dubz have out?

N-Dubz have had 10 songs out.

Who was the guy in n dubz video wouldn't you?

fazer from n-dubz