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Q: How did neil Armstrong remain calm when landing on the moon?
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What did Armstrong do after landing on the moon?

Armstrong explored the moon,

Who is the first landing human landing on the moon?

Neil Armstrong

What does the flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon represent?

Neil Armstrong landing on the moon!!!

Who was the first to stand on the moon?

Neil Armstrong was the first person to stand and walk on the moon. Armstrong was an American astronaut who was involved in the moon landing in 1969.

Where did Neil Armstrong's moon landing take off?

NASA Headquarters

Who were the astronauts that took place in the first moon landing?

Neil Armstrong was.

Who was the first man came in the moon?

it was neil Armstrong but i recon that thay faked the moon landing.

Who do you see in the video of the moon landing?

If you are referring to the first moon landing by Apollo 11, you see Neil Armstrong first followed by Buzz Aldrin.

When did neil Armstrong make the first moon landing?

11 of July 1969

Who was the first astronomer came to moon?

Neil Armstrong, July 1969 NASA space program landing on the moon.

Who was the first person to make a lunar landing on the moon?

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin

Who planted an American flag on the moon when?

Neil Armstrong, the landing was on July 20th 1969.