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The same way any person deals with the loss of a loved one. They grieved, they remembered, they avenged (in some cases), and they learned. What a horrible event it was! There were a lot of tears.

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Q: How did people deal with the loss of their families after the Holocaust?
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Starvation during the Holocaust?

This is when there is a loss of people that were starved

What is Holocaust Remembrance about?

The loss of life due to the death camps througout Europe had tremendous impact on the world. To forget the people who were persecuted, and survived also is valuable as cultures not just families were nearly obliterated through the holocaust. To make an effort to remember the eventsa and the families helps to recognize their plight and hopefully, these events will not repeat themselves.

How does Indian culture deal with death?

Indian culture deals death with mourn. They mourn for the loss of the families.

What Were the Most Significant Losses Victims Faced During the Holocaust?

significance really depends on your point of view, but to most it would surely be the loss of people's families.

Was there loss of property at the Holocaust?


How did the Holocaust impact society?

It impacted society and people differently. At the link below is a haunting reflection, expressed through art, of a family's loss in the Holocaust. It's a quilt.

How did families cope with financial loss and poverty?

by pick-pocketing, shop lifting, and robbing people.

Why did they name the Holocaust the holococaust?

because holocaust means mass destruction or loss of life and that's what it was

How does a family deal with the loss of a child due to bullying?

They will need family counseling to deal with the loss.

How does a poem about loss communicate with people?

A poem about loss communicates with people because everyone has had to deal with loss at a point in his or her life. This makes it possible to connect mentally and emotionally from the authors point of view with personal experiences.

How has the Holocaust affected the present and the past?

The Holocaust was the genocide of European Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II: the country of "Israel emerged from the Holocaust and is defined in relation to that catastrophe" (Emanuel Litvinoff). Also, the extensive loss of life amongst a people that have significantly and systematically contributed to arts and science through the centuries implies an irreversible loss for the world.

What is the theme for the book ordinary people by judith guest?

Loss and grief and the way people deal with them, also flight or escape. (:

What are the Negative effects of tsunamis?

Death, Injuries, people becoming homeless, pollution, children could loss their families.

What were the positive and negative effects of the American revolution?

Positive The positive is that NewYork got independence and freedom Negative People died ,money loss ,food loss,home loss,unpeacefull times, and families get separated.

How consumers will react to a job loss?

Consumers respond to job loss in different ways. When people lose a job most are motivated to find another job so that they can support their families.

What were longterm effects on families during the Great Depression in the 1930s?

The longterm effects on families during the Great Depression was that people took a while to get back on their feet, and many families were homeless because of the job loss and some had family members who had committed suicide.

Theme of poem refugee blues by auden?

Jews holocaust; Loss of human rights; Loss of freedom; The feeling of being threatened

What was the side effects of the dust bowl?

no rain People abandoned their farm's. people loss families and farm lands Too must dust people died. over a million people headed west

What are some negative effects of the holocaust?

death, loss of personal property, mental trauma

How did the Holocaust have an impact on art and society?

The Holocaust changed the world because it taught the world that discriminating is wrong. See related link: This is a haunting reflection, expressed through art, of a family's loss in the Holocaust. It's a quilt.

What movie doesn't deal with memory loss?


How did the Holocaust trials change America during the years after the war?

by the loss of 6 million Jews and

What has the author Laura Levitt written?

Laura Levitt has written: 'American Jewish loss after the Holocaust'

How can you help your boyfriend deal with the loss of his father?

Tell him you know that it must hurt a lot to lose his father, and that you are there for him if he needs you. Don't try to cheer him up, sometimes people want to be sad while they deal with it.

How did people deal with the major loss of crops after the civil war?

They had many things like fake butter and lots of bread to keep them alive.