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Q: How did people in south Carolina govern themselves?
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What was Carolina was divided into?

Carolina became North Carolina and South Carolina because it was too large to govern.

What did William Sayle do in colonial South Carolina?

govern it

Why was the Carolina colony hard to govern?

It was too difficult to govern due its big size, so they divided in North Carolina and South Carolina

What was before South Carolina?

Before there was a South Carolina colony, there was a Carokina colony. Carolina was divided in 1722 because it was too large to govern well.

Did Vietnam govern directiy?

North & South Vietnam each governed themselves.

What did South Carolina create to govern the colony in the years leading up to the American Revolution?

House of Deputies

What kind of people live in South Carolina?

Hispanic and black people live in South Carolina.

What alternatives were offered in the south and why were they unsatisfactory?

Unfair allocation of resources were some of the reasons that made the south unsatisfactory. The south wanted to control and govern themselves.

Why should people have visited colonial South Carolina?

People came to South Carolina to get rich by growing tobacco.

What famous people were born in South Carolina?

Anne Schraff was born in South Carolina

How many people make up the house of representatives in South Carolina?

How many u.s. Representatives are from south carolina?

When did north and South Carolina beome different states?

when did north and south carolina become different states?