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Q: How did pirates affect every day life?
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How does a certain place affect every day life?

education, environment, behavior around you .

Does having healthy hair affect your every day life and how you are treated?

no if you have really bad understanding

How do ocean waves affect humans?

Waves can affect people by moving around different marine life causing change in the atmosphere. They can also affect people in there every day life, for example tsunamis have killed thousands of people.

How many words are they in every day life?

3 words: every, day, life

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Exactly! The tornadoes destroy stuff, including trees, houses, and much more. For that reason, it effects our everyday life

What do states primarily use their reserved powers to regulate?

issues that affect day-to-day life for state residents

When was Every Day Is a New Life created?

Every Day Is a New Life was created on 2000-10-03.

How does science affect your every day lives?

by technology

What are two system of measurement in use in every day life?

You probably use metric and imperial in your every day life.

How can what ants like be applied to every day life?

Ants like sugar, and that can be applied to every day life as a sweetener.

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In science