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Q: How did renaissance end?
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When did the Renaissance end?

In European history, the Renaissance ended about 1600.

When did Renaissance Broadcasting end?

Renaissance Broadcasting ended in 1997.

When and Where did renaissance end?

The renaissance ended between 1300 and 1700's. The renaissance ended Italy.

When did the Renaissance approximately end?

The renaissance started in 1350 and ended in 1550

When did the post renaissance era end?

According to Theodore K. Rabb, the Renaissance ended with the end of the Thirty Years War.

When did Party of Croatian Renaissance end?

Party of Croatian Renaissance ended in 2009.

When did New York Renaissance end?

New York Renaissance ended in 1949.

How did the Italian Renaissance end?


In what era did the renaissance end?


How was Queen Elizabeth influential to the renaissance?

Elizabeth wasn't part of the Renaissance. It was her father that was at the end of the renaissance. Her time is called Elizabethan.

When did the Renaissance begin?

When did the Renaissance end"The Renaissance ended in the 1300's"And no The Renaissance did not begin in the 1300's so please stop putting that., Its just wrong ok?

What major era's of world history came after the start of the Renaissance?

the end of the renaissance comes to mind

When did renaissance era end begin and end?

began in R and ended in E

Why did the renaissance end?

The Renaissance never really ended. Instead, it paved the way for the Scientific Revolution to begin and in some areas, brought religious doctrines to an end.

When did the Italian Renaissance end?

The Italian Renaissance ended in the late 1500's, almost getting to 1600.

Which was an important aspect of renaissance thought-?

The important aspect of renaissance thought is promoting humanistic ideas. In the end the renaissance studies the European ideas changed.

Why did the renaissance period end?

Wasn't that a music? I think it was

What marked the end of the artistic renaissance?


When did renaissance in Europe begin and end?

1350 to 1550

What caused the end of the Italian renaissance?

cause of the esruscans

how do historians call the period that started at the end of the renaissance and continues all day?

The modern age.

How did the French Renaissance end?

In France, as in other European countries, the Renaissance era was replaced by the Baroque era, in about 1600.

What end to the Middle Ages?

The Renaissance brought the end to a thousand years of the Middle Ages.

What is the likeness between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance?

AnswerRenaissance was the beginning/rebirth of art, science, culture, etc. during the end of the 14th century till the 17th century. The likeness between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance is that by the end of the Middle Ages (14th century) the Renaissance had begun, which meant that most of the customs and traditions from the Middle Ages were followed during the Renaissance.MoreThe Middle Ages and the Renaissance both had the Plague.

What helped cause the Renaissance in Northern Europe?

The End Of War. The end of the plague. The decline of famine