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How did scientists apply albert einsteins equation e equals mc2?"

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That equation is the equation that Albert Einstein came up with to describe how to calculate the speed of light. E = energy m = mass c = speed of light

They developed the nuclear bomb that converts a small amount of mass to a huge amount of energy

it is Albert Einsteins most famous formula

E=MC2 Energy equals Mass times Speed-Of-Light times it again

This equation has fundamental importance in understanding the nature of our universe, and everything that scientists do in such fields as nuclear physics, high-energy physics, or astro-physics is influenced by it.

Albert Einstein.Except that the equation was e = mc2

Scientists don't actually do the applying. But I guess the most noticeable, mostwidely comprehended demonstrations of " e = mc2" have been the atomic bomband the hydrogen bomb.

It means "yields." If it meant equals it would mean that both sides of the equation are the same which they are not. One side of the equation yields the other side.

Born in Germany, Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. Most known for his discovered formula equation E equals Mc squared.

Yes. It is a conservation law, showing that mass and energy are only different manifestations of the same thing.

Albert Einstein's most famous equation was probably E=MC2(Energy equals Matter times the (C) speed of light (186,000 miles per second).

Albert enstine. that is his equation you learn it around grade 7 by Steven miller <("<)

relativity intensity : kelvin = oxygen2

He came up with it because it is a universal truth, which is what all scientists strive to discover.

Albert Einstein is widely credited for deriving this equation from his own theory of special relativity in 1905.

A re-writing of Einsteins famous equation is E = mc2 Wherre E is energy, m is mass, c is the speed of light (so c2 is the square of the speed of light)

The equation will tell you the speed of light and nothing can go faster than the speed of light. It also will give you the amount of energy in an object with mass.

It is an equation ... Anything with an equals is an equation 2+b=6 Anything without an equals is an expression 2+a

Slope for the equation y equals 7 is zero.

The equation soild plus gas equals a liquid

Einsteins theory of relativity can answer this. The equation is E=mC^2. This reads e equals m c squared. E is energy, m is mass and every object that has mass has a gravitational pull.

If it doesn't have an "equals" sign, then it's not an equation. It's an "expression".

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