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Q: How did sputnik get into space?
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How does sputnik 1 help to explore space?

Sputnik proved that space exploration was possible.

The Soviet Union kicked off the Space Race with the launching of .?


What is the definition of sputnik and answer?

Sputnik was an early Russian space satellite.

How many days was Sputnik 2 in Space?

Sputnik 2 has been in space for sixty (60) days.

What was the name of Laika's Space craft?

Laika was sent into space aboard Sputnik 2.

What do you call the rocket that sent Sputnik 1 into space?

The rocket that sent Sputnik 1 into space is the SPUTNIK - PS by the former Soviet Union(now Russia).

Is sputnik still in space?


First satellite in space?

The first artificial satellite in space was called the Sputnik. The Sputnik satellite was launched on the 4th of October, 1957. It belonged to the Soviet Union.

How many sputnik space crafts have been launched?

The Soviet Space Program later replaced by the Russian Federal Space Agency have officially named 12 Sputnik craft (Sputnik 1 through Sputnik 10 which were launched by rockets into orbit as well as Sputnik 40 and Sputnik 41 which were released from the Mir space station). Outside of the Soviet Union, Sputnik 20 through Sputnik 25 may be referred to. However, the Soviet Union officially refers to these as Cosmos missions due to the launch failures.

What is the names of the s first spacecrafts into space?

Sputnik 1 Sputnik 1

Who went into space first Sputnik or Apollo?

Sputnik was the first successful launch.

What was the first space probe?