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ano ang populasyon ngayon? ano ang populasyon ngayon?

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Q: How did technology effect the art created in early twentieth century?
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How is the effect of Roman engineering being felt today?

Roman engineering is not relevant today. The Romans did not have oil or electricity, which are the base of modern technology. The arch, which the Romans developed, was used to build bridges until the late 19th century.

What did a millwright do in the early twentieth century?

Mill righting of the late 20th century is an occupation which demands precision and high skill. Today's millwright is concerned with the precision-fitting of machinery to tolerance of a thousandth of an inch. It is the millwright who installs and aligns heavy industrial machinery, including conveyor systems, escalators, electric generators, cyclotrons, and insures that they operate efficiently. He even puts into effect the vast and complex machines of the nuclear age.

What was not an effect on the great depression that began in the middle of the fourteenth century?

increase in population

Could Hitler have risen to power without the long history of antisemitism?

Hitler, though one of the most evil men of the twentieth century, was only a tool of the anti-Semitism movement of the first half of that century. Granted, his accession was fairly rapid and peaked with the destruction of Germany in 1945 but humanity as a whole was responsible if you realize that the combined effect of all the thoughts of everyone on earth concentrate in populations most susceptible to them. This was demonstrated when everyone thought a President elected every twenty years would be killed, i. e., President Reagan (1980) and the combined mass of effect of this belief or psyche resulted in the assassination attempt by John Hinckley.

Which describes the effect of new military technology on the Civil War?

i need help its chapter 15 social studies :(

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Did wars in the twentieth century effect social reform?

In some way or another, most, if not all of the war's (involving modern nations) fought in the 20th century effected some sort of social reform.

Where does technology created?

In the human mind. Even our prehuman ancestors created many technologies. You probably created a technology or two in your life already. Although not everyone that creates a technology has a significant effect on human life.

What are the effect of communication on science and technology?

what are the effect of comunication of science and technology, or science and technology effect on communication.

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What advancements in technology have had negative effect on your world today?

One advancement in technology that has had a negative effect in the world today is cell phones. Cell phones have created a new way for people to be distracted. People seem to not be able to be away or off of their phone for minutes.

What effect does new technology usually have on economy?

The effect that new technology usually has on economy is seen in various ways. Technology will improve of efficiency and the overall productivity in the market. .

What are the reasons of the difference in form and language in the twentieth century?

As a language becomes widespread and lasts for a time, colloquialism such as slang, abbreviation, and outright misinterpretation can occur. The result of this has a lasting effect on the language, and may eventually be adopted as a correct form as it is used frequently.

How does superstition effect science and technology?


What is the biggest effect on technology today?

the biggest effect is cell phones

What effect can technology have on perfect competition?

Technology can become a barrier to entry for producers

What was the effect of European exploration on global interactions in the 15th century?

What was the effect of European exploration on global interactions in the fifteenth century

What are the cause and effect of science and technology to your environment?

Illegal logging and effect is flood