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it affected the Midwest by not leaving any crops to grow, it killed a lot of livestock and left many farmers, or "Okies" as the great plains farmers were called, withought hope. Many decided to migrate to Calfornia and other places in the west in search of new jobs.

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Farmers were devastated, many were forced to leave farming for work out west.

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Q: How did the Dust Bowl affect life in the Midwest?
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How did the dust bowl affect your life as a teenager?

You were usually kicked out by your parents. It was a dog eat dpg world you feel?

What was life like for families that migrated to California during the dust bowl?

Life for California farmers during the dust bowl was horrible, the farmers would go plant their crops and when the dust bowl come their crops would be black and start to rot because they became not any good anymore.

What was the Dust Bowl of the 1930's?

In 1935, there were a series of dust storms across the Midwest. Clouds of dust flew over fields and farms, destroying crops, and killing cattle. Many farmers were ruined and left their homes to look for a new life. Many went to California to work as fruit-pickers in the orchards.

What was life like before the dust bowl?

dont know tell me

What was life like in the 1930s?

It was a terrible decade with the dust bowl and the great depression.

What role did the weather play in the dust bowl?

What role does the weather play in an Englishman's life

What novel depicts life during the dust bowl?

It's Harry Potter. Dumby.

How did the dust bowl make life even more difficult for farmers on the great plains?

The dust bowl is when the top soil was blown away, so life got harder because nothing would grow with the precious top soil.

What were some changes in social and cultural life caused by the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl?

== == cahnges in social life

How did the dust bowl gets its names?

when in the story The Great Dust Bowl the drought came so did the sand storms in the great oklahoma and it destroyed most of the town leaving little life billy joe the child based in the stor told about her life and about her a feirce piano player and how she did her greats the real awnser is the name The Great Dust Bowl coame froum the large dust storm that hit oklahoma city

How was life living in the dust bowl?

Life was very hard. There was no inside plumbing, no heat, all food had to be raised by the family. Kids couldn't go to school when the dust was bad.

When did many people from Oklahoma migrate?

During the Great Depression, there was a Dust Bowl that had many in Oklahoma migrate to Calfornia because their farms were not productive.

Why did the depression and the dust bowl effect make life hard on ranches?

Life was hard because the dust and bowl and the depression. During the time of a depression money value drops making people less rich comparatively. the dust bowl was tough because it caused crops to dry up not get as much sun light therefor slowing or stopping plant growth the dust also caused very many animals to get sick and also lack of water killed in a sense everything.

What was life like during the great depression and the dust bowl?

According to my mom who lived through it life was very hard and lot of people were out of work.

Where did the people from the dust bowl go?

Many people went to California and other places near there to start a new life.

Why was there an exodus of people from the Dust Bowl?

The land was unfarmable, preventing them from getting enough food and making a living, and the dust drifts could bury houses and equipment making life difficult.

Why did many dust bowl farm families think that California might be a good place to begin a new life?

Because there hasent been a single dust storm and its a very save. Place to live

How did many plains farmers respond to the challenges they faced during Dust Bowl conditions?

They left for California in hopes of starting a new life.

What major events occurred in Cesar Chavez's life what was the date?

Two of the major events that happened in Cesar Chavez's life is the Great Depression, 1929-1940, and the Dust bowl, 1931-1937

Which poet wrote dust to dust and dust return was not written of the soul?

Life is real! Life is earnest! And the grave is not its goal; "Dust thou art, to dust returnest," Was not spoken of the soul. This was written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

How do tornadoes affect Midwest Texas?

They can destroy crops and livestock. They can disrupt daily life by causing power outrages, damaging or destroying homes and businesses, and by killing or injuring people.

What was life like on the plains during the Great Depression?

During the Great Depression years, in the Dust Bowl states, located in the Great Plains, dust and dirt 'devoured' many crops leaving farmers without adequate earnings and crop yields.

How exactly did the Dust Bowl affect people's daily life?

The dust bowl essentially made lives miserable. There was sand anywhere that it could get into. It was a normal thing to have to sleep uncomfortably in a bed full of sand. Often, people had to eat the sand in whatever they ate because there was to way to get it clean. School children were frequently sent home due to weather conditions. And when they did, they had to walk home backwards to avoid sand in their eyes. When one man wanted to buy a tractor, he had to dig it out of a huge sand dune to take it home.

What are the three great facts about history in The Grapes of Wrath?

The Grapes of Wrath is a classic historical fiction novel about an Oklahoma family that is forced to move to California as a result of the real-life historical events, the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. They are able to move to California and set up in a camp run by the Resettlement Agency. This was a real-life agency created under the New Deal to help migrants from the Dust Bowl area.

When was Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries created?

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries was created in 1931.