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The embargo act had a positive effect because it cuts off supplies for british and french.

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What was the embargo 1813?

what was a positive effect from the war of 1812

How did the Embargo act affect Britain and France?

The embargo act had very little effect on Britain and France.For more information on Embargo Act, visit Britannica.com.Read more: embargo-act-of-1807

What impact did the embargo act have on British?

The effect the embargo act has on the British is, the britsh started trade with latin america instead

What was the effect of the embargo act of 1807?

The effects of the Embargo Act of 1807 are; 1. American ships were no longer allowed to sail to foreign ports. 2. the act closed American ports to British ships.

How did the embargo act affect France and England?

its d) it had little to no effect on france and england

What act repealed the embargo act?

The Embargo Act (1807) was repealed by the Non-Intercourse act of 1809.

Congress replaced the embargo act with which act?

The Non-Intercourse Act of 1809 replaced the Embargo Act of 1807.

Which president enforced the Embargo Act?

Thomas Jefferson enforced the Embargo Act.

Which president repealed the Embargo Act?

James Madison repealed the Embargo Act.

The effect on the embargo act was?

The embargo exacted no political concessions from either France or Britain. But it did produce economic hardships, evasion of the law, and the political dissension at home.

What did the embargo act forbade?

the embargo act forbade Americans to export or import goods

What is the embargo act?

what was the embargo act

How successfull was the embargo act?

The Embargo Act of 1807 failed to have a significant impact on the British.

Who was president during the embargo act?

Thomas Jefferson was president when the Embargo Act of 1807 was passed.

What was the effect of the Factory Act of 1833?

It had a positive effect on the abolision of child labour

American merchants were what by the Embargo Act?

American merchants were hurt by the Embargo Act more than Britain and France.

What did the embargo act do?

the embargo act is a law restricting American ships from engaging in foreign trade from 1807-1812

Which state of the US was hit the hardest by the Embargo Act?

Embargo act of 1807 was a general embargo imposed against Britain and France for violating US neutrality in their conflict. This act affected USA adversely and had a negative effect on its trade and commerce. The entire New England region of USA was hit badly by the embargo as all the sates in this region ( Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut) were into international trading.

Why was the embargo act and the Non-intercourse act was unsuccessful?

Because it didn't effect titian or France it affected the United States more than anything

What was the positive effect of the homestead act?

The elimination of poverty in the U.S

Which led to the War of 1812?

The embargo against England The Embargo Act Impressment

What did thomas Jefferson hope to accomplish by passin the embargo act?

he hoped the embargo act would he stop conflicts with the british.

The Embargo Act of 1807 did serious damage to the economies of?

The Embargo Act of 1807 did serious damage to the economies of England and France.

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