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The Franks, a Jewish family, went into hiding in Amsterdam during World War II to escape persecution by the Nazis. They left their house by moving into a secret annex located above Otto Frank's business premises, where they lived in concealment for over two years until they were discovered and deported to concentration camps.

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The idea to go into hiding, under the circumstances that they did, was Otto Frank's alone, but he was greatly assisted in this by his office staff, who remained faithful helpers to him and the others in hiding until those in hiding were arrested.

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Q: How did the Franks leave their house to go into hiding?
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Where did Franks go into hiding?

The Secret Annexe, a little house in Otto Frank's office building.

What did Anne franks family go into hiding?

yes they did

When franks family go into hiding what did Anne take with her?


When did the franks go hiding?

ur mama's hole dude lol

Why does anne franks family go into hiding?

because Adolf Hitler wanted all the jews to leave

What forces the franks to go into hiding?

A letter of the calling for jews to put them in laborcamp

Where did the Franks go into hiding?

they hid in the secret annex at Otto's work place

What year did the Franks leave Germany and where did they go to?

The Franks left Frankfort, Germany - their original home - in 1933.

Where did the franks go when they gone into hiding?

The Franks went into the company building where Otta franks worked. They had a annex which was located above the building. They had a secret door and they placed a book shelf in front of the door.

Why would the franks and hundreds of others go in to hiding?

They went into hiding in order to try to avoid being deported to a forced labour or extermination camp.

Did margot Frank go into hiding with the rest of the franks?

Yes, although she was the one they sent out if they needed something.

What prompted the franks to go into hiding?

the anser to this question is ,,,,margot frank got a letter and it said that she had to go to a concentration camp . The Franks didnt want that to happen so they went into hiding