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The Great depression effected Urban and rural communities because the prices got raised, unemployment, droughts and high taxes. Most countries in the world got effected by The Great Depression, but Japan Did not get effected strongly. The Great Depression lasted about ten years. My Grandpa was in the great depression, and yours too! (Unless your Grandpa is thirty-years old!)


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Americans came together, scavenged for food and tried to rebuild their lives.

During the Great Depression people were barely surviving. People were losing their jobs, their homes. There was barely enough food or water. In that result people were dying off! The Great Depression affected their daily lives in many ways; people were losing their jobs, losing their houses, they had no clothes, no food, no water and no life. Most of the banks shut down and peoples accounts were cleaned out.

The great depression affected a lot of people's lives due to the fact that. Many lost jobs, lost there homes. Basically lost there lives, and had to pick up leave everything behind and start all over again. Trying to survive in the economy that they had left.

as a general rule, families had a lot less money had they had before the depression hit. life was a lot more simple than today

The Great Depression was a horid time many people were sick and starving, people died...families got split apart it was total destruction to the human race

The radio and movies gave the people entertainment and hope in some of the worst years of their lives.

During the Great Depression, many people lost their jobs and and their homes. The economy was really bad. Population decreased because of decrease in money which resulted in a decrease of having kids because it was not affordable. Without money people were unable to maintain a certain lifestyle and therefore many people lost their homes.

The Reconstruction Finance corporation helped Americans rebuild their lives after the Great Depression by granting loans. It was created in 1932 by the US Government.

Education During the Great Depression: How the Depression Affected Children:

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Approximately 15% of adults in the U.S. have been meet criteria for depression at least once in their lives.

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Dear Asker,The great depression caused a lot of tragedy in many people's hearts. There are various examples of what it caused in America:Loss of food...Loss of home...Loss of LIVES!As you see, that is a very sad time period and I doubt you would appreciate living in it. So that is why so many people are grateful that the great depression is over! I am, and I hope you are, too!The phrase, 'Great Depression' is an oxymoron. It wasn't really great, as it was a depression.You are welcome!Correction when they say great depression what they mean is that a great amount or a large amount was depressed.

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