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The Holocaust profoundly affected it's survivors physically and emotionally. People who survived were extremely emaciated, and many experienced post traumatic stress for the rest of their lives.

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Q: How did the Holocaust affect its survivors physically and emotionally?
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How did the Holocaust affect its survivors physically and mentally?

By forcing them to live malnourished and catch very bad diseases, which affect people physically. Mentally with the death of those you love and/or know. The effects of the holocaust can also cause you to gain a disorder, often eating disorders.

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Did the Holocaust affect the survivors' lives physically?

it was almost impossible for a suvivor not to be affected physically Actually, it was impossible to not be affected physically. you got put into a concentration camp, you had to live on, in most camps, at most a crust of bread and soup every like week and two or three days. This led to gradual starve-to-death in many prisoners.

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Which group of people did the Holocaust affect?

The Jews were effected by the Holocaust

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The holocaust affected people by not trusting anyone

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How did the Holocaust affect the outcome of the war?

The Holocaust had no effect on the outcome of World War 2.

What was the main effect of the holocaust?

The main affect of the holocaust was Jews being burned alive

How did pearl harbor effect the holocaust?

Pearl Harbor did not affect, or even have anything to do with the Holocaust.