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National Geographics has an awesome thing that shows the moves. I saw it today researching (may 3, 2006) ~*~*~Chels~*~*~ Japanese posed as tourists... took pictures of the bases, ports, and took meticulous notes so the attack would hit all primary points where the US was strongest.

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Q: How did the Japanese plan the attack on Pearl Harbor?
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How many waves of attack did the Japanese plan to make on pearl harbor?

two waves

How long did the Japanese plan the attack on Pearl Harbor 1941?

the pearl harbor attacks occurred all throughout 1941, but even before that, it started after japan invaded Manchuria.

Why did Japanese attack the Sydney harbor?

To prevent the Austrailians from coming to the defense of America after the Pearl Harbor attack.Answer To attack shipping (most particularly USS Chigaco) where full-sized submarines couldn't go, as part of the Japanese plan to disprupt Allied shipping.

Who thought of the plan to attack pearl harbor?

admiral yamamoto

How were the Japanese Navy and Airforce able to surprise the Americans in Pearl Harbor?

The Americans knew of the Japanese plan to attack them, due to decoders. The problem was that the Americans didn't know when or where the attack was suppose to happen. The attack happened well after the Americans received the news that the Japanese were going to attack, so they were caught off guard. No one could really predict it was going to be Pearl Harbor.

How long did it take to plan the pearl harbor attack?

it took a year

Who devised the plan for the bombing of Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto .

When did they plan the attack on Pearl Harbor?

they started to plan on june 8th,1941, they planed to attack on july 24,1941 but due to a storm, the plan got delayed.

Who made the plan to attack pearl harbor?

The Japanese Admirals were Nagumo & Yamamoto. It was influenced by the British attack on the Italian fleet at Taranto in November of 1940. Tora Tora Tora: Great film.

What role did commander Chuichi Nagumo have in the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941?

Chuichi Nagumo was the Japanese commander of the Pearl Harbor strike force. He played a significant role in the attack. Nagumo, however, refused to launch additional air attacks on dockyard and fuel tanks on Oahu or to seek out two US aircraft carriers at sea. He was never comfortable with the plan to attack the Pearl Harbor and limited his risks.

Who develope the plan to attack pearl harbor?

I think was the jap admiral he was killed later.

Who gave the order to attack Pearl Harbor?

Yamamoto planned out the whole plan for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Vice Admiral Nagumo was the fleet commander, with Yamamoto commanding everything from Japan. One pilot, seeing that there was no resistance, squawked on the radio, "Tora, Tora!", which started the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the attack on Pearl Harbor why two waves of planes?

The established plan called for three waves. The third was not committed. In the plan of attack, it was scheduled to take on the support facilities. By attacking in waves, the Japanese kept the approach lanes to their targets free and clear of the clutter of combat.

Who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor?

AnswerI believe Japan's greatest naval strategist, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, helped plan the attack on Pearl Harbor, but also argued that the U.S. fleet in Hawaii was "a dagger pointed at our throat" and must be destroyed.

Why did japan attack the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor?

they attckad pearl harbor because the japenese were trying to plan to take the oil tanks of oil from the us to bring back to japan or somewhere

What were the tactics for bombing Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese had hopes of catching all American warships in the harbor (some were out to sea) and while the Japanese bombed the warships in the harbor a few managed to escape to open seas. If the Japanese plan had worked this would have rendered the American Navy useless.

What was Japan's plan for Pearl Harbor?

Eliminate it.

What made the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

America did not want Japan to take over China, so America stopped trading oil and other strategic materials to Japan. Japan got mad because they needed the oil and materials, and started to plan the attack.

What did the US Army do to try and prevent having their planes attacked at pearl harbor and why was it a mistake?

In order to prevent sabotage attempts against parked aircraft by local Japanese-Americans, the military authorities lined them up wingtip to wingtip on their airstrips so that they could be easily observed. However, this plan backfired horrendously during the actual Japanese attack, as the lines of planes were easily strafed by Japanese fighters. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese destroyed 188 US planes and heavily damaged 159 more, largely because of these tactics.

Did Hirohito plan to bomb pearl harbor?


Who was involved in the Pearl Harbor bombing?

The Japanese Imperial Navy and the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps/and the U.S. Army Air Corp were the involved in the Pearl Harbor bombing.The Japanese launched multiple waves of planes from their carriers which were located at a point northwest of the Hawaiian Islands.Hours before the aerial attack, a midget Jap sub was sighted by a U.S. Navy destroyer very close to the harbor entrance. If the U.S. Navys' carriers were at Pearl Harbor and not out on maneuvers or suppling bases such as Midway and Wake Island with aircraft, then the Hawaiian Islands and the Western U.S. would be the Imperial Japanese Armys' next plan of where to invade.

How did the bombing at Pearl Harbor change the way you think of war today?

Pearl Harbor was a classic example of betrayal between countries. Japan attacked the United States after denying any plan of attack. This event was best described as "A date which will live in infamy", many Americans were killed in this attack.

How did Japan plan the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Some of the intelligence gathered in Pearl Harbor was done by 'tourists' taking pictures of the layout of the island. Where our military had its strengths as well as weaknesses. What weapons would be available to target, etc. One of the most fortunate events for the U.S. was simply that the Japanese did NOT have intelligence information stating that our Aircraft Carriers would not be in port.

How did Americans react to the bombing to Pearl Harbor?

Before WWII, 88% of Americans opposed American intervention in "Europe's War." FDR himself tried several ways to avoid intervention by passing the Lend-Lease Act with Britain. He wanted to avoid war but try to help the Allies win. After that plan failed, his only choice was deliberate provocation of the Japanese in order to enter the war, defeat Germany, and preserve democracy and national security. Due to the Pearl Harbor attack, Roosevelt knew that the people would want revenge against the Japanese and would want to enter the war. MORE AMERICANS AFTER THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR SUPPORTED INTERVENTION IN THE WAR THAN BEFORE THE ATTACK. source: I did a debate on Pearl Harbor conspiracy theory for my APUSH class.

What were military reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese hoped to secure their Eastern flank as they launched offensives into the South Pacific. They primarily wanted to destroy the U.S. aircraft carriers with the battleships being a close 2nd on their list. If the Americans were still able, and daring/stupid enough, to send a fleet West to try to stop the Japanese offensives it was expected it would be whatever was left after the Pearl harbor attack. The Japanese would have faced it with their intact battleline and Mobile fleet of fast carriers with the purpose of utterly destroying it.AnswerThe reason for the attack on Pearl Harbor was so that Japan could hold the Pacific ocean for the invasion of the USA. AnswerThe Japanese knew that the only way to defeat the Americans was to wipe out their entire fleet before they started preparing for war. Admiral Yamamoto said that if they did not destroy the entire fleet in Pearl Harbor that day it would mean defeat for Japan in the upcoming war. Therefore their plan was to completely destroy the U.S. Naval fleet. However they did not because two of the U.S.'s air craft carriers were not in Pearl Harbor. The Japanese had not calculated this and therefore they considered it a good decision.